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Video Documentary of Fritzl Atrocity

Some time ago, I wrote briefly of a child who attended one of the churches Jerry pastored, whom we found later to have been sexually abused by her father while the family was attending our church. We knew the family was unstable, but it never occurred to us that such could be happening.

Many years later, the abused, grown daughter and I met again, and she told me the story. I was stunned. The daughter finally cut all ties with her parents, and is now married and has children of her own. She holds no animosity toward either Jerry or me and faults us not at all.

But sometimes when I think of that young girl I grieve and feel a clanking heaviness. That experience may be one of the reasons the Fritzl story has gripped me so intensely, and that I have followed it rather closely and have written about it more than once.

Yesterday, on The Sable Verity I learned of a documentary that has been prepared by the Central European News Agency. After watching this, I knew I wanted to post it on my site. The documentary is excellent, and will answer many questions you may have. One of the gentlemen reports that some of the news that has been released is in error, including that of the children’s scanty language and the “monkey-like” walk of Felix.

While not becoming paranoid, we must ever be vigilant regarding human need. Acutely, must we be aware of the real possibility that abuse may occur within our realm of influence, and we must be willing to take responsible action.

Be prepared to be sickened and unsettled as you watch these.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

By Shirley Buxton

Still full of life and ready to be on the move, Shirley at 81 years old feels blessed to have lots of energy and to be full of optimism. She was married to Jerry for 64 years, and grieves yet at his death in August of 2019. They have 4 children, 13 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren...all beautiful and highly intelligent--of course. :)

25 replies on “Video Documentary of Fritzl Atrocity”

While i can agree. Rosemarie was alsi a victim of his abuse, i hsve to say this. Fitst of all this isnt abuse its ctimes against humanity. I. Every way. .. and i dont think she cared about her kids as well as that monster didnt. 24 yrs locked away ?? Lets just not forget that they could have all died?? And do u really think he cared. He said so himself saying. Im not a monster. Bull he said he knew he was hurting elisabeth!!! Sooo bull. Im sorry but this whole thing makes my blood boil! And rosemarie did nothing but “move her self out of the way! And make ur daughter suffer?! In 1973 she moved out of the amstetten apt and moved into their guesthouse they both owned. And guess what? Yup the kids remained with that monster! That guesthouse was 2 hrs away and that mother if u want to call her that. Stayed there for 9 yrs!! So that is why when everybody says oh its not so easy to leave !! Im not buying it she,left for herself!! And left those kids in an abusive and dangerous situation!!!


[…] August 21, 2008 · No Comments I can’t think of a situation in all the world that has startled and touched me at such depth of heart and soul as has that of the Fritzl family. I wrote of this several times, as the world reeled on learning of the horror and depravity this Austrian family suffered at the hand of their father/grandfather. It is too distressing to repeat: if you are not familiar with the story, please read at this link. […]


Sooo agreed. I dont think i ever heard of a worst horror story in my life and im over 60!! And the autharoties and her mother is partly to blame!!!!


Hello, Sable–welcome to this site.

I appreciate your work and your caring about people. I will be following the Esmin Green account. Thanks for the link.




I also want to share with your readers…well, everyone in the country, really, the story of Sister Esmin Green. More information about her, and her tragic death, can be found at:

I know that, as a blogger and host of a blog, I can be senstive to folks leaving comments which include links, but I think that these human stories are ones we need to know about, so that we can be more aware of the world and those who live in it.

Peace and Blessings,

Sable Verity


I cannot comprehend such an inhumane, bizarre story. Not only of a disgusting form of broken trust but of an increadible tale of survival.
One can’t imagine living imprisoned and tormented for so long, and having to endure the most hiddeous forms of abuse, yet stay strong enough to raise a family and remain mentally intact.
Thankyou for your article and showing us Elizabeth’s courage, who kept her will to survive and instincts to nurture.
May Elizabeth and her family now find comfort in all most if us take for granted, none the least our freedom but also life’s most precious gifts, the sun, wind, rain and of course fresh air! GOD BLESS THEM ALL -As they stand they are no longer silent!!!


I came across your article and video’s by accident. Thank you for a more thorough look at this most tragic situation. Elisabeth is truly an amazing young woman to have survived this horrible ordeal, not only keeping her own mind intact, but schooling her children which through her, allowed them to survive as well. May their lives move forward without fear, without hate, without guilt, but with much love, support, and God’s blessings.

Linda Grammatico
Michigan, USA


thank you SOOO MUCH for the updated information. I am trying to follow this story, and your videos have certainly cleared alot of things up. Please keep us updated!!! News on this story has seemed to “stop”. Wonder why?>

You’re welcome. It’s a sad, but riveting story.


Sis. Buxton: I have never commented on your blog before but have been a reader for quite some time. I want to say first of all that I absolutely love you appreciate your wise words. You often leave me thinking about issues in ways I never have before.

Regarding this issue, I do suspect Mrs. Fritzl really didn’t know about her daughter. Like you, I can’t see myself ever being duped in such a way, however, we live in a different world and a different culture. My grandmother is from Germany, and as much as my grandmother loves her children, I really believe she would have been duped had something like this happened to her. She comes from a culture and era where you did not speak of your problems; you held your head high and did the best you could. As a result, there was a lot of “burying your head in the sand” so-to-speak because that was the only way she knew to deal with hurts. Mrs. Fritzl has obviously been brow-beaten all her life, probably thought very little of herself and became a very quiet, “mousy” woman who has no confidence at all in her own opinions.

Thank you again for provoking my thoughts. God bless you.


Chances are the wife was a victim of his sexual tirades and lived in fear of his outburst. Did you notice in the videos where he was on the beach/vacation and his wife was never in the pictures? She may have smiled on the few occasions they were in public together, but her smile probably hid the pain of her own private life with him.

In response to Martha, I am “oh, me of little faith” when it comes to this wicked man being cured.


Is he evil or possessed? I think that Josef Fritzl is PROFOUNDLY, DANGEROUSLY, mentally ill, and that he is also a sex addict. I’d bet my life, too, that he has a sexual abuse history. I’ve read that he was phsically abused by his mother. He is a master of manipulation, control, and compartmentalizing his life – which is what addicts if all kinds do. Many addicts speak of feeling like they are 2 people. This a true Jekyl and Hyde story.
But yes, what makes some individuals act out to this “off the charts” degree? There are other people with similar life histories that have not become perpetrators. There must be NO OPENINGS for God’s light to penetrate his spirit. How does one become so closed off?? Jesus said (and I’m paraphrasing – my bible history is sketchy at best) Forgive them, for they know not what they do…
These are the acts of someone ruled by compulsive behavior – someone completely disconnected from God or Spirit. Call it evil, call it sin, call it possesion by the devil. All these words could describe his behavior. I pray that Fritzl sees the light. What worse torture and torment could there be for that man but to fully understand, acknowledge and feel the pain that he has caused his family?? Like the slave trader who wrote Amazing Grace, is it possible that Fritzl could also be cured of his “blindness”?


@ martha. Agreed. Dangerous, evil and a horrid sex addict…! But, he also knew what he was doing… he admitted to starting raping elisabeth at the tender age of 11 or 12…. i read in one of the many articles or documentaries and,he says.. i knew elisabeth didnt want the things i did to her. I knew i was hurting her..!!! In fact this type of person he is , he doesnt hide his downright cruel behaviour and everyone knew it. He used to beat all his children right out in the open. ! . He sured used his fists on elisabeth , she says many times in that house of horrors°° so i have to say no sympathy here for His childhood! Thats no excuse! Sorry for the,rant!


Years of torment to his daughter and a sudden crash to his wife. I can’t even begin to imagine the pain the victims and his wife are feeling. Evil almost seems too nice a word for the man.

You’re right. Words fail to describe such a person.

My husband finds it hard to believe the wife didn’t know anything about this. Her DNA has not been found in the dungeon, and she denies any involvement. Investigators seems to believe her.

I think if my husband were doing something like this, I would be able to know it. But evidently Josef Fritzl was such a stern, controlling man that his wife probably lived in fear of him, and merely accepted his explanation for everything.

Strange, though.


Tragic event. Can’t imagine the horror ….of being held captive…. or the fear of being brought upstairs into the light for the first time….Tragic event. Gods mercies are needed for all the members of that family.

Unimaginable horror. I trust the peace and love of God washes them.


This story has haunted me since it first hit the news. It is like an awful fairy tale – a very twisted beauty and the beast. Unbelievable. It amazes me that they are having to test Fritlz for insanity. There should be a new word for insanity with his name in it.
And Elisabeth. That she hasn’t lost her mind is incredible. She is a heroine. There ought to be a city named for her. She is an amazing, strong human being. SHE IS A SAINT. The irony of her father’s abusive power over her is that he is a pathetic weakling by comparison with Elizabeth. She is the powerful one. I pray for her and her family daily. And I pray that the media BACK OFF and stop recreating the invasive abuse.

I too am impressed with Elisabeth’s strength. She is truly an amazing woman.

I suppose I am ambivalent about press coverage. While I certainly think the press can be intrusive–and to an alarming degree often are–I appreciate the wide coverage of news from around the world. I admit to being both horrified and yet strangely fascinated by seeing this gruesome dungeon.

There must be a limit, though. I agree.


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