Fritzl Family’s Ongoing Agony

I can’t think of a situation in all the world that has startled and touched me at such depth of heart and soul as has that of the Fritzl family. I wrote of this several times, as the world reeled on learning of the horror and depravity this Austrian family suffered at the hand of their father/grandfather. It is too distressing to repeat: if you are not familiar with the story, please read, and see a comprehensive video at this link.

Yesterday, word was released that the suffering of these unfortunate people is much worse than was first thought.

It has been revealed that Kerstin Fritzl, 19, tore her hair out in clumps and ripped her dresses to shreds in the secret cellar she shared with her two brothers and mother Elisabeth.

In her frustration at spending all her life in a concrete basement of less than 60 square metres, she stuffed the dresses down the toilet, causing it to spill sewage into their living space.

Hospital sources revealed how the slightest everyday occurrence — “a door closing, a light going off, a room that she feels is too small” — plunges her into panic attacks.

She, like her brother and mother, daily takes a course of mood- and emotion-altering drugs to buoy her and blot out the terrible memories of her life spent underground, where she and Stefan had to listen to their father-grandfather rape their mother in the darkness.

“They are suffering far more than was previously thought,” reported one German newspaper this week. Only Felix, it is hoped, may be capable of forgetting his past.

Their precarious mental state is one reason prosecutors do not think it a good idea for them to testify at Fritzl’s trial, scheduled for December. They believe a taped deposition by Elisabeth in July will suffice. Prosecutors have not yet decided what charges to lay against Fritzl to ensure he never walks free.

The Age

Please, let us continue to think of these people and to sincerely pray that God will provide healing for their bodies, their souls and their minds. They desperately need comfort and such peace as only God is able to provide.


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