“I’m Scared,” Says Monster Josef Fritzl at his trial

His trial began today. Nearly a year ago the discovery was made of the hideous life that Elizabeth Fritzl and her children had endured in the cave of a 0316090750_m_031609_fritzl03basement where for 24 years she had been imprisoned by her father, Josef Fritzl. “I’m scared,” he whimpered as his trial began. He covered his face with a blue folder.

His voice was almost inaudible as in the courtroom of St. Poelten, Austria he stated his name and other personal facts. He pled guilty to incest, but innocent of enslavement and murder. Neither his wife, Elizabeth nor any of the children will attend the trial. Their testimony will be given by pre-recorded video.

DNA tests have corroborated Elizabeth’s story that her father sired her six surviving children. She actually gave birth in that dungeon–alone–to seven children, but one of a set of twins suffered breathing problems and was allowed to die in that dank place. Fritzl is accused of tossing his tiny body into the furnace.

During the early months of her imprisonment Elizabeth was chained like an animal; for years Josef did not say one word to her. Once he cut off 0316090750_m_031609_fritzl01the electricity to the dungeon. After the children were born, he raped her as they were forced to watch.

His trial will take only one week, ending on Friday. There is no question: He will spend the rest of his despicable life in prison.

Since I learned of this horrendous story, I have prayed for Elizabeth and her children, and have written extensively of it. A video is here which comprehensively lays out this chilling story. Let us continue to pray for these hurting people.

12 thoughts on ““I’m Scared,” Says Monster Josef Fritzl at his trial

  1. JeremyG

    To me, I just think that this is one of the saddest stories I have ever herd. It’s like that horrible movie “Flowers In the Attic” come true. I know that I am a sinner, and I know that I have done things wrong in my life, and I am truely sorry for most of those things, and I pray for forgiveness and Gods mercy, but for the life of me I cannot understand how anyone would ask for Gods mercy for this horribly perverted man. This man deserves to live his life out in solitary confinement, with no natural light, no furnature or bedding, no radio or TV, wearing chains on his feet and wrists, and only fed one meal a day of bread and water. And when he dies, if God is truely just, he will take Joseph Fritzl on a long walk along a pristen ocean beach while explaining to him that although he loves him, he simply cannot allow him in heaven, because for 24 years, he has secured his place in hell and hopefully he can understand that. And if Fritzl even has once ounce of love for his family, he will understand and be greatful for even hell’s damnation. Just think of the mental anguish this man has brough to his daughter and the three children that were living in the basement. Not one of these people will ever live a normal life. God have mercy for Joseph Fritzl…? No!!! May God have mercy for Elizabeth and the children that lived in that prison and may God bring them peace of heart and of mind, and the strengh and courage to overcome and get up every day saying, “Father, I will not let you destroy me, I will smite you by having a life, I will love again, and I will not let this ruin my life any longer.” I don’t believe that a fair and just God will let this man into heaven even if he repents, and I believe that Joseph Fritzl will understand if he has any love at all for his children.


  2. SUSAN

    I think josef is sick sick sick…and he should share the same sungeon that he put his daughter thru…are there really perverts like that in this world….had he been in america he would have got hard prison time with no parole….he got nothing in austria and will be out in maybe 11years….glad i am living in america…


  3. RaiulBaztepo

    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo


  4. barbara

    i will not pretend like i am not a sinner.and i will not pass judgement on this man, but i will say, we all know as adults “right” from “wrong”. what he did is unthinkable,digusting and wrong on every level. i pray for elizabeth and her children and the rest of her family. i also pray for josef fritzl. may God have mercy on his soul.


  5. barbara

    i will not pretend like i am a sinner.and i will not pass judgement on this man, but i will say, we all know as adults “right” from “wrong”. what he did is unthinkable,digusting and wrong on every level. i pray for elizabeth and her children and the rest of her family. i also pray for josef fritzl. may God have mercy on his soul.


  6. Catherine Haig Bonjukian

    To JamSal – there is no cure for a man like this because he will do it over and over. He can’t help himself. I never advocate for the death penalty however I do hope that in jail the same thing will happen to Joseph what happened to Elizabeth at her father’s hand.


  7. Dear Shirley,

    I am currently putting together a programme for the BBC World Service about Fritzl. It is called World Have Your Say – here is the blog: http://worldhaveyoursay.wordpress.com/

    This evening we are debating Fritzl and asking “Should we try to understand Josef Fritzl?”. I found your blog and was interested in some of your previous comments and wondered if you’d like to take part in this evening’s show?

    It is between 18:00 and 19:00 GMT.

    I loook forward to hearing from you.

    Victoria Cook
    BBC Broadcast Journalist.

    Good morning, Victoria. Thank you for the invitation to be a part of this broadcast, and yes, I would love to be involved. I must check the time difference and see if I am free during that hour. Have to run now, but will communicate with you later.


  8. JamSal

    Punishment should not come first. He should first be cured. The sign of being cured is getting to realize what he has done was evil. And, the most effective way to achieve this is to imprison him in exactly a similar place as long as needed. In a windowless soundproof cellar with no fresh air and .. whatever he did to those innocents. Only then should come the punishment which is keeping him in that same place under the same conditions for as many years as the Austrian Law determines.


  9. JJ

    The mother knew! She,too, ought be put on trial.There is another case in which a girl was murdered on the property of the wife. That case is now being re-opened. THE MOTHER KNEW!


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