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FLASH!! BACKSLIDING: the bitter bite of beelzebub has arrived. Shipping now. Scroll to the bottom for ordering information.

I have written four books that may be of benefit to you.

FLASH! A THOUSAND PIECES is now back in print. 1000 new copies

This book is for you.

You who wail in the night for your lost loved one.

You who have strayed, but are ready to return home.

You who want to secure your place in Christ, avoiding the terror of backsliding.



A THOUSAND PIECES is the story of Jerry’s terrible accident, in which, as he stood by his disabled car, he was struck by a drunk driver and hurled 86 feet down the street. He lay dead in the street, but Lorraine Heter revived him. He had almost unimaginable injuries, including a broken neck and bleeding into his brain stem. He spent five months in the hospital…but if you saw him now, you would never imagine such a thing had happened to him.

This book is a powerful, emotional, faith-building story of one man’s struggle for life. It is the moving account of the trial of a family’s faith as they grapple with the enormity of his injuries and the intensity of his suffering. It also is a tribute to the countless family, friends and total strangers who participated in the healing and recovery of Jerry Buxton.

Price $12.00


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ROAD TALES is a fascinating blend of Bible studies, of fiction and of biographical accounts that in a rare way speak to the philosophy of travel along the road of life.

From her life experiences and from keen insight into the Word of God comes this book from Shirley Buxton. Each chapter is replete with appealing material that promises to benefit all who read this timely book. The nuggets of wisdom contained here are guaranteed to be profitable for all segments of society and to provide joy in the reading.

Price $13.00

In LINK TO EXCELLENCE Shirley Buxton is joined with forty-seven other ministers’ wives who write about: One sterling quality in a saint and one crucial attribute of a preacher’s wife. Each of them includes one fabulous recipe.

Whether you are a novice preacher’s wife, a brand new saint, or a veteran Christian woman, it often is frustrating when you recognize that you do not quite know how to perform the jobs to which you are called. You want to do them well, but sense you are lacking the crucial knowledge that will tip you into the dynamic success for which you were born. This invaluable book reveals the necessary elements to guide the Christian women through situations that 21st century life presents. In a pragmatic yet inspirational way are addressed such issues as personal and spiritual development, family relationships and practical guidelines for serving the church.

Price $17.00

Books may be ordered from:

Shirley Buxton

P. O. Box 4577

Crestline, CA. 92325 or call me at 951-316-0151

Please include $3.00 shipping for first book. All four may be shipped for a total of $7.00.

Please make checks to: Forrest Press

Books also may be ordered from:

Pentecostal Publishing House

8855 Dunn Road

Hazelwood, Mo. 63042

You may order these books from their web site here.

13 replies on “My Books”

Thank you Ma’m for writting the book “A thoudand peces”. I am still reading it. It’s a blessing. I was given by Bishop Aston. Your family was a blessing to us when you came to Kenya for conference, I wanna wish Elder and Pastor Buxton Happy 86th birthday.


Add me to your list of contacts

Carol, scroll to the very top of the page. On your left you will see a place that says Follow. Click there. Love.


I have only read “A thousand pieces” but I am eager to read the other books listed. The book I have read was such an inspirtation. Thank you and God Bless,


I have read only “A Thousand Pieces,” but would recommend it highly. It’s a believable account of how one family coped, through living their faith, during some of the worst days of their lives.


I have enjoyed all of your books and am even privileged to have an autographed one! Every couple of years, I like to re-read “A Thousand Pieces”. I am amazed at how God brought healing to your husband and worked everything out. He truly turned a tragedy into triumph! Love you!


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