Families from Polygamist Ranch Reunited


It’s been back and forth for several days now–first, they would be released, then, no they would not. From the beginning of the story many of us have cautiously questioned the right of the state of Texas to take more than 400 children from their parents. Child Protective Services pointed to dangerous, unsafe conditions with incest likely in the mix.

My own take on the situation was while I cringe from the thought of private home invasions, children are relatively helpless, and if there is danger, they should be protected. The major question, though: how can we be sure of the extent of the problem. People should be free to practice religion as they see fit, shouldn’t they? But if young girls are being mistreated? If they are forced into marriage at 14? If the law is being broken? …what to do?

Right in the middle of the polygamist ranch issue, arose the story of the Fritzl family where for 23 years, both children and adult had been abused, and no one had done anything about it. What then of the situation in Texas? Was there enough evidence to remove the children from their parents?

It is horrid to consider children–babies, even–separated from their mothers. No doubt the foster families were kind and considerate, but the trauma experienced by these children must have been intense.

Now, at least for the moment, the children are reunited with their parents. “It’s the happiest day of my life,” one mother said as she wrapped her arms around her daughter.

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10 thoughts on “Families from Polygamist Ranch Reunited

  1. renaissanceguy

    Some people are mixed up on the facts.

    On my blog I have chronicled most of the saga using news reports.

    The girl who made the call has never been found. It is possible, if not likely, that the call was a hoax by the woman in Colorado.

    In Texas the law states that only if there is evidence that children are in immediate, urgent danger can they be removed by CPS. This is the reason that the Appeals Court ruled that the original judge in the case was wrong for authorizing CPS workers to keep all the children in custody. Based on CPS’s own allegations, only teenaged girls were in possible danger.

    CPS defended their seizure based on claims that they had many pregnant and/or married girls in protective custody. Most of these “girls” turned out to be women of legal age.


  2. flds mom but not in texas

    It hurts so bad that you people believe such things about such a good man. He has been framed, maligned and otherwise unjustly jailed. They still have found no evidence to put him where he is but he is there and we all know that it is Heavenly Father’s will. Even he does. Remember Joseph in Egypt?


  3. Oophs, guess I didn’t make myself clear. Sorry. The “man” to whom I am referring is their leader. Through the use of his authority and doctrine on marriage, he has placed these mothers and children in harm’s way., and this incident will leave scars on many of them for life.

    Thanks, Karen for the clarification. As I understand it, some of the women have now decided against returning to “the ranch.” I hope many of them will find such courage.


  4. I have such mixed emotions about it all. It’s hard for me to comment… but I do know that God loves these children and their mothers… and the dads… our world is going crazy and society is slowly becoming numb to the injustice and maltreatment not only to our children, but all humanity. Jesus come quickly.

    I agree, Rochelle. We live in a complex, troubled world.


  5. I think I wholeheartedly agree with Mervi. He has put into words what I haven’t until now. Thanks Mervi.

    When something is so awful, we sometimes just can’t think of the words to express our deep feelings.


  6. I spent a couple of days ranting about this situation, sometime back on my blog. I fear when a government agency can come into a home or homes and remove children with only a phone call. YES! There is much perversion in the land. But I still hold my ground. With reference to the initial phone call, a twenty-four year old lady was arrested in the state of Col. for making that phone call. (??) There were NO children with the lady who made the call. I do have concerns of young ladies, in their early teen years being (?) forced (?) into marriage. However if we look back over our shoulders, not too many years this was the norm. Polygamies, once more not to far back in our history this was a norm.
    OK, Mervi where do you stand? I am uncomfortable with ladies in their early teen years coming into marriage. However, I have met some who were married young and are still doing fine. A man having more than one wife at a time, NO! I personally cannot see this philosophy. ++


    Thanks, Mervi


  7. dean

    Yeah, its far from over….the aclu and the lawyers are in it now. The kids had exposure to what they were told was evil. The parents lamented over their farmed out children. The men stayed hidden. Almost sounds like the media planned the whole thing. No where else but Texas. So Sad!

    It will be interesting to see how this develops. I just hope the children are treated well.


  8. There are too many unanswered questions for me to state an opinion. The phone call supposedly received by authorities from a young lady expressing she was abused, came from where? Was it a phone on the compound? Was it a cell phone they could trace to the area of the compound? If, in fact, the call did come from the compound, then the children needed to have intervention. Someone asked the question, “Why didn’t they just take teenage girls?” That is a valid question, too. However, if you found out one of your kids called 911 because of abuse, would you want authorities to protect only the one who called or all the children? Our minds do not want to believe there are sexual abusers who abuse infants, too. I cannot offer any opinion on this situation because I feel there are too many unanswered questions. The situation was bad for the state of Texas and bad for the FLDS. The people on that compound will continue to arrange multiple “marriages” of several young girls to one old man and their sick way of life will continue. More babies will come and the saga will get bigger.

    You’re right, Jana. There are so many unanswered questions. I strongly suspect this case is far from over.


  9. Unfortunately the women and children were and remain the victims. Victims of the judgments of a man. So sad.

    Hi, Karen.

    Help me understand what you mean here. Who is the man to whom you refer? The judge? (I don’t know if that person is a man or a woman.) Their husbands? The men in the compound?

    I’ll be waiting to hear from you.


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