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Josef Fritzl Guilty! Elizabeth Appears in Court

Guilty! So said the jury responsible for handing down a verdict concerning Josef Fritzl, the dungeon monster. In a surprise move, Elizabeth appeared in the courtroom as her video was played.

Guilty of all charges, including the murder of his son, whose little body Fritzl tossed into a furnace. Full story here.


I’m sick of sin! I’m sick of seeing families torn apart and ravaged by sin. Sick of seeing them stumble blindly through a lackluster semblance of life without Jesus Christ. I’m sick of Satan’s deceit and his abysmal devices, his chains, his filthy lies. My mind and soul are wrenched as I watch innocent children systematically destroyed. I look at mothers and fathers as they cast about with no direction–not a clue–while children grab pointlessly at the pant-legs of their daddies and the skirts of their mothers, pleading for a line, a course, a way. Instead they are met with vacuous and witless stares. Too many despairing parents take up another needle, gulp down a numbing pill, or pour one more shot. I look at my world and weep.


Josef Fritzl Edges Closer to Trial–Daughter Leaves Facility

There may be no person living to whom the world looks with such revulsion and even hate, than Josef Fritzl, the fiend who for 24 years jailed his daughter Elizabeth in a dungeon, repeatedly raping her, and with whom he sired seven children.

Now March 16 has been set for the beginning of his trial.

During the late days of December it was reported that Elizabeth and her children have recovered from their unspeakable ordeal enough so that they gone from the psychiatric clinic where they had been living. Their home is in an undisclosed location.

I have written extensively of this event, for it shook me to my core when I first read this macabre account. From time to time I continue to pray for Elizabeth and for her children. Let there be peace and healing in their minds and hearts.


Dungeon Dad, Josef Fritzl, Charged with Murder

Breaking news is that Josef Fritzl, the dungeon horror dad, has been charged with murder of his son/grandson to whom his daughter Elizabeth gave birth while being held captive by her father.

VIENNA, Austria —  Austrian prosecutors say the man accused of imprisoning his daughter for 24 years and fathering her seven children has been charged with murder.

The state attorney’s office says it has charged suspect Josef Fritzl with homicide because one of the children died in infancy. Prosecutors say experts believe the infant might have survived if Fritzl had arranged for proper medical care.


As I have written before, this is the most sickening, horrendous case I have ever heard. I wish Fritzl justice, but I ask you: What is justice for such a being? Life in prison? Death? A mental hospital bed? Supervised probation in the name of forgiveness and tolerance? Freedom with an ankle bracelet?


Dungeon Incest Dad Bricked Up His Own Mother

Fritzl, the evil dungeon dad admits to locking away his mother here.

VIENNA, Austria — Cellar monster Josef Fritzl has admitted he kept his mom bricked up in a locked room “for years” until she died. Incest dad Fritzl, 74, told a psychologist it was revenge for abuse he claims he received at her hands. He said: “I never had any love from her. She used to beat me, hit me until I was lying in a pool of blood on the floor. I never had a kiss. I was never cuddled.” Local council files showed Fritzl inherited the home in Amstetten, Austria in 1959 “because his mother had died.” He locked her in an attic room where she is said to have died in 1980. No neighbors remember seeing her over the 21 years. Fritzl told Dr. Adelheid Kastner: “I bricked in the window so that she never again saw the light of day.” Fritzl later fathered seven children by daughter Elisabeth, 42, who he locked in a cellar at their home for 24 years. Three lived upstairs with him and wife Rosemarie, 69. The others were kept with their mom. Asked if locking up his mom had given him the idea for caging Elisabeth, Fritzl said: “To be honest I just didn’t think about it, about her being my daughter.”

“I thought of her as my wife and patner.”

From The Star

I have never heard of a more evil man. He absolutely deserves to be locked away, never again to see the light of day.

I continue to pray for Elizabeth and her children. She is a truly amazing mother. I hope you will follow the link and read stories of how she is caring for her children.

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Kerstin Fritzl Regains Consciousness

BBC is reporting that Kerstin, the “cellar-child” who has been at the point of death for weeks is now conscious. Unconfirmed reports say she has been reunited with her mother.

EDIT: has confirmed that:

Kerstin Fritzl has been reunited with her mother Elisabeth Fritzl, 43, and the rest of her family at a secure medical ward.

From every point on the globe, let us continue to pray for this exceptional family.

Landesklinikum Amstetten-Mauer hospital, where Elisabeth Fritzl and her children are being cared for

The hospital said Kerstin still needed medical and therapeutic care.

Kerstin is the oldest of seven children fathered by Josef Fritzl with Elisabeth – the daughter he held captive for 24 years and raped repeatedly.

Further background information and an extended video documentary is available here.


My devotional blog is here.

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Video Documentary of Fritzl Atrocity

Some time ago, I wrote briefly of a child who attended one of the churches Jerry pastored, whom we found later to have been sexually abused by her father while the family was attending our church. We knew the family was unstable, but it never occurred to us that such could be happening.

Many years later, the abused, grown daughter and I met again, and she told me the story. I was stunned. The daughter finally cut all ties with her parents, and is now married and has children of her own. She holds no animosity toward either Jerry or me and faults us not at all.

But sometimes when I think of that young girl I grieve and feel a clanking heaviness. That experience may be one of the reasons the Fritzl story has gripped me so intensely, and that I have followed it rather closely and have written about it more than once.

Yesterday, on The Sable Verity I learned of a documentary that has been prepared by the Central European News Agency. After watching this, I knew I wanted to post it on my site. The documentary is excellent, and will answer many questions you may have. One of the gentlemen reports that some of the news that has been released is in error, including that of the children’s scanty language and the “monkey-like” walk of Felix.

While not becoming paranoid, we must ever be vigilant regarding human need. Acutely, must we be aware of the real possibility that abuse may occur within our realm of influence, and we must be willing to take responsible action.

Be prepared to be sickened and unsettled as you watch these.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

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Josef Fritzl, Evil or Insane?

Elisabeth Fritzl

Possibly no account has ever struck me with such horror as has that of Elizabeth Fritzl. The consideration of her plight is on a keel with thoughts of those unfortunate ones who suffered at the hands of Hitler and his henchmen during World War II, and who by the millions were tortured and killed.

In recent days has come to light her story, revealing that for 24 years her father kept her as a sex captive in a dungeon beneath his apartment house. When this beautiful young lady was 11 years old her father began raping her. More than once, she ran away, but he always managed to recapture her. At one point, it was even the police who returned her to her home. In the early days, he chained her as a dog, and forced her to dig with her own hands her torture chamber. It was an underground cave, with reinforced double doors and an electronic lock to which only Josef knew the code.

During these ghastly years, he continued to rape her and she gave birth to his 7 children…alone…in a dungeon. He presented three of the children to his wife, saying that Elizabeth had joined a cult, and had left the children on their doorstep.

Elizabeth reared the remaining three children (one died as an infant), cooing to them, rocking them, and teaching them rudimentary speech and reading skills. They never once saw the light of day. Those three humans spent their entire lives underground. Frequently, though, their father/grandfather ravaged the place, ordering them into back rooms, while repeatedly raping their mother. It is reported that after this deed was discovered the children, although they could speak, often communicated with each other in guttural, soft growls. It’s a ghastly story that I’m sure you’ve read about, and whose details are readily available. Pictures have been posted.

My question today is: Who is this man? Who is 73 year-old Josef Fritzl? His history presents him as an ordinary man, yet is that at all possible?

After mandatory schooling, Fritzl studied electric engineering at a polytechnic school and got his first job with steel company Voest. From 1969 to 1971 he worked for a construction material company in Amstetten, where he gained a reputation as an intelligent worker and a good technician. Then he went into the service industry and took over an inn 15 years ago.

Last week when the story unfolded and these dear people were rescued from this unfathomable torture, Fritzl admitted everything. Now, though, he has become silent, and there is word out that he will plead insanity.

Is there evil of such degree that a sane human could commit such atrocities? Or must we consider such a man hopelessly insane?

The jury who heard the case of Jeffrey Dahmer who injected acid into the brains of his victims, had sex with dead bodies, and even ate their flesh, considered him sane. For his evil deeds, they sentenced him to 7 life sentences.

I wrestle with the subject, for I cannot comprehend that anyone in his right mind could commit such deeds, yet when I consider the remainder of the life of Josef Fritzl, he gave every indication of sanity. He transacted business, took vacations, and cared for his wife and other children. No, he is not insane. He is profoundly evil…yet how can that be? Whence arises in a man such dastardly action?


My devotional blog is here.