Kerstin Fritzl Walking, Talking, Reunited with Family

“I say to Kerstin — ‘Hello Kerstin’ — and Kerstin tells me: ‘Hello,”‘ Reiter told reporters at a news conference in a hotel in Zeillern, several kilometers (miles) from Amstetten

Kerstin, this exceptional young woman is walking and talking now. This is the same Kerstin Fritzl who grew up in a dungeon amidst agonizing depraved circumstances, who before her sickness had never seen the light of day; the young woman who lingered for weeks at the point of death, and whom doctors feared had suffered brain damage because of her severe illness. What a remarkable family this is proving to be.

“For all of us, Kerstin’s surprising recovery is a great relief,” said Berthold Kepplinger, director of a psychiatric clinic where the reunited family is recovering from their ordeal.

Kepplinger, who described the reunion as a “touching moment,” said Kerstin has expressed “many wishes,” including going on a boat ride. Reiter added that she also wanted to go to a Robbie Williams concert and even attempted to dance to his music in bed before her tubing was removed.

The reunion of Kerstin with her family a few days ago was a moving moment,” hospital director Berthold Kepplinger told a press conference.

BBC News

On this link is a video of Kerstin’s doctor describing her treatment. Here is the background story and a video documentary.

My prayers, hopes and best wishes continue for this amazing family. Despite unspeakable torment, they have proved resilient, forward-looking, and with no trace of whining. Most impressive.


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