Kerstin Fritzl Regains Consciousness

BBC is reporting that Kerstin, the “cellar-child” who has been at the point of death for weeks is now conscious. Unconfirmed reports say she has been reunited with her mother.

EDIT: has confirmed that:

Kerstin Fritzl has been reunited with her mother Elisabeth Fritzl, 43, and the rest of her family at a secure medical ward.

From every point on the globe, let us continue to pray for this exceptional family.

Landesklinikum Amstetten-Mauer hospital, where Elisabeth Fritzl and her children are being cared for

The hospital said Kerstin still needed medical and therapeutic care.

Kerstin is the oldest of seven children fathered by Josef Fritzl with Elisabeth – the daughter he held captive for 24 years and raped repeatedly.

Further background information and an extended video documentary is available here.


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6 thoughts on “Kerstin Fritzl Regains Consciousness

  1. euge

    Can´t believe Fritzl´s story. But I am glad to hear his victims are finally free, and I admire Elizabeth more than anyone.


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  3. Oops. I meant “hear” and “their”

    It’s okay, Blake. All of us make little mistakes here and there. And I agree with you. Our families are so important, and when we can be together…it’s the best.


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