Our 57th

Seven years ago we celebrated our 50th with great festivities and, sadly, with a few sorrows. You might want to click on the link which will lead you to several posts about those special days. Part of the plan was that our dinner/celebration with many of our friends, Jerry would sing to me I’ll Be Loving You, Always. What he did not know was that as a surprise I would join with him on the chorus.

untitled (1 of 1)…more years have passed and today we celebrate our 57th wedding anniversary. We’re spending a quiet day here, poked about in our gardens, and ate a simple breakfast. This evening we will go down the hill for a special dinner, and Saturday we’re also doing something special.

We’re long past the giddy giggling isn’t he cute, isn’t she a doll state, but are now deeply ensconced in enduring love and in steadfast devotion. It’s a rich place, safe, secure.

6 thoughts on “Our 57th

  1. Congratulations on 57 years of marriage! Your very last sentence brought tears to my eyes. 🙂

    Blessings ~ Wendy

    Thank you Wendy for visiting here, for your congratulations, and your kind comments.

    Hope you come here often.

    Blessings always……


  2. Anonymous

    Wonderful blog post. Nothing is better then celebrating an anniversary in the comfort of love, security and knowing your spouse is certain of your love for him or her.
    P/S: Michael, what did they tell you? 🙂

    Thank you for your visit here.

    When he was still a teenager and beginning to date, his mother told him that kissing makes babies!


  3. Charlotte

    Happy Anniversary, Brother and Sister Buxton! Although I do not know you well, through this blog, I can sense that you both are awesome people of God!! Love and prayers!

    Sister Mills, thank you for this sweet post.

    Blessings on your life.


  4. Michael

    Mom and Dad, don’t stay out too lake and remember what you told me about kissing!! Ta Ta

    I was right, huh?

    Love you so much, Michael……


  5. Congratulations! You two inspire, encourage and motivate us to continue making our marriage better every day. Thank you for your wonderful example of what God designed marriage to be. ♥

    Thank you, dear Tena.


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