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Our 57th

Seven years ago we celebrated our 50th with great festivities and, sadly, with a few sorrows. You might want to click on the link which will lead you to several posts about those special days. Part of the plan was that our dinner/celebration with many of our friends, Jerry would sing to meĀ I’ll Be Loving You, Always. What he did not know was that as a surprise I would join with him on the chorus.

untitled (1 of 1)…more years have passed and today we celebrate our 57th wedding anniversary. We’re spending a quiet day here, poked about in our gardens, and ate a simple breakfast. This evening we will go down the hill for a special dinner, and Saturday we’re also doing something special.

We’re long past the giddy giggling isn’t he cute, isn’t she a doll state, but are now deeply ensconced in enduring love and in steadfast devotion. It’s a rich place, safe, secure.

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Mike and Mel’s 22nd!

Of course they could spend the night was my response when Michael called a few days ago. “We would love it.”

Mike and Melina are celebrating their 22nd wedding anniversary and he had planned a secret trip–to San Diego. “What sort of clothes should I pack,” Melina had asked him.

“Something for the beach.”

I’ll spare you the report of their trip from Lake Havasu, and her finally understanding they were heading for her in-laws’ house, (What? our anniversary!) but it was just for the evening where I had planned a special dinner for them, and where we had a great evening, a wonderful visit, and a fine meal which we ate on the back deck. Jerry splendidly grilled and made a beautiful presentation of luscious salmon, finished with a raspberry-orange balsamic glaze. This morning bacon and eggs . . . and now they’re gone to their real anniversary celebration at the Marina Marriott in San Diego.

I’m wishing this wonderful couple–these children of mine– every blessing of God and many more years together.