118 Degrees Fahrenheit

118 Degrees Fahrenheit, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.

I lose sunglasses…and having gone through half the summer with none that are worth a flip, I decided yesterday afternoon to zip to the mall and buy a pair. Jerry and I had been given a gift card from Penny’s, so that would be my first stop.

…Then I saw fountains… and giggling, cavorting children. A bit removed from the gushing water and the laughing children and their doting parents was this scene.

Penny’s was my second stop…and guess what! All sunglasses 1/2 price. Bought two stylin’ pairs.

7 thoughts on “118 Degrees Fahrenheit

  1. Linda (LAS)

    Talk about camp meeting: Shirley, will you blog as much as possible about the services and goings on up there. I am not going to be able to be there this year and I would very much love to get the feeling like being there through your blogs and pictures. Thanks so much.


  2. What a great picture, and what great buys. Our weather here in Santa Maria has only been up to 90 degrees twice this summer. It’s normally around 70. Glad you are coming to camp meeting. Perhaps you can bottle up some of the cool weather in your motorhome and take it home (wink).


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