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Two Boys, a Triathlon, and Us

“Who’s in the lead?” Jerry asked. “Is it a boy or a girl?”

“No one has come by yet,” one of the young men replied, grinning as he spoke.

We kept walking, Jerry and I, and in just a fraction of a minute, behind us, we heard one of the boys speak. “You’re the first. You’re in the lead.” We smiled and kept walking.

We were finishing up our morning walk on the island, and already we knew there was a special event in progress, for many police vehicles were on patrol, and some of the streets had been cordoned off. It was a triathlon, we had learned, and although I’m not sure who was its sponsor, the group were well-prepared, for along the trail there were tables set up with water, assistance crews and the like.

I couldn’t tell just what job the young men had been assigned for no specific gear that seemed pertinent to the triathlon was in view, but they were excellent at a couple of things; wittiness, respect for older people, and encouragement.

As Jerry and I continued our walk, I pondered the brief words that young man had spoken, and before we reached our car, I had remarked about their significance, and had decided to write this piece.

“I want to take their picture,” I said to Jerry as we climbed into our Jeep. “Just slow down as we reach them, please. I’ll get their attention and snap quickly from the car.”

I rolled down the window when we reached their spot, indicated my camera and called, “I want to take your picture.” They grinned, leaped up from the sidewalk where they were sitting and positioned their sign (that I can’t quite read). Look at them: Two pleasant young men with great attitudes who spread some cheer to a couple of elderly people this morning. I wish them well, wish them a drug and alcohol-free life, wish them a life committed to principle and to serving Jesus Christ.

Hey, you two wonderful boys in Lake Havasu: Kudos. You both are # 1. You are winners!

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118 Degrees Fahrenheit

118 Degrees Fahrenheit, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.

I lose sunglasses…and having gone through half the summer with none that are worth a flip, I decided yesterday afternoon to zip to the mall and buy a pair. Jerry and I had been given a gift card from Penny’s, so that would be my first stop.

…Then I saw fountains… and giggling, cavorting children. A bit removed from the gushing water and the laughing children and their doting parents was this scene.

Penny’s was my second stop…and guess what! All sunglasses 1/2 price. Bought two stylin’ pairs.

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Search of the Changeling

Search, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.

Two weeks ago we picked up Chloe in Yuma…tomorrow, again in Yuma, we will return her to her parents, Andrew and Shawnna. It’s been delightful having her, but we actually need a few more days to do everything we want…such as going for lunch by ferry to the California side of the lake.

One last fling today: Our neighbor Melody went to Las Vegas yesterday to pick up her 12-year-old granddaughter…today we’re all going to Keepers of the Wild Nature Park in Valentine, Arizona.

Chloe has developed into a beautiful young lady. She is fourteen–a young fourteen–a changeling, who is at once a child…and then again, a woman.

Demure by you.
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A couple of hours ago in the library checkout line, I stood behind a cheerful looking group consisting of two fairly young, attractive women, with five well-dressed children–children ranging from 5 or 6 to 10 years old, I would say. The women were conversing as I joined the line.

“Well, did you get remarried,” said one lady to the other.

“Uhh, no. I didn’t. But we have two kids together.”She waved a hand toward a couple of the youngsters.

“Same with me. We have three. I’ll never get married again.”

It made me sad.

It made me sad because of the children. It made me sad because of their daddies. It made me sad because of their mommies. It made me sad because of their pappys and of their grannys. It made me sad because of our country. It made me sad because of our world. It made me sad because of God’s Word.

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117 in Lake Havasu Today

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In a good natured way, Jerry says, “None of the preachers in Lake Havasu preach against hell.”

Quizzically, people wait for him to answer the obvious question: “Why?”

“Because they’re not afraid of it,” he finishes with a grin.

It’s a bit after 5:00 in the evening this Saturday. The temperature is 116. Actually we’re having a heat wave all over the west. In our beautiful, generally cool Crestline which sets at 5000 feet in San Bernardino mountains, the high yesterday was 93.

Hope it’s cool where you are.