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Birds, Butterflies, Bugs and Water Drops

Dainty Walk, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.

It’s been an enjoyable reprieve to be at home in Crestline since late Wednesday evening. We drove over from Lake Havasu after church, and about 1:00 on Thursday morning popped into bed. Had a little business to take care of on Thursday and lots of laundry (if I know I’ll be coming here, I hold off on using the laundry room at DJs–instead wag it all up here), but since then, neither Jerry or I have done too much. Jerry went down the hill to San Bernardino for business on Thursday morning and arrived back just after noon bearing Nathaniel with him. Rebecca came later and spent several hours with us, bringing chocolate pie to finish off the dinner I cooked. Jerry has done a few outside chores, rested quite a lot, and I’ve spent most of my free time taking and processing pictures, plus gazing out the windows, admiring the trees, the skies, the bugs and the birds.

In the study a swivel chair sets almost against the sliding glass door that opens to our back deck and to our gardens; when I’m working on my laptop this is where I sit, the chair always turned to face the outside. Soaring pines and oaks line the back of our place, and often I’m watching as the sky, just visible between the trees, changes from midnight to faint blue to rosy pink. On Thursday morning, I heard the sprinklers come on; later I walked down the stairs and saw a veritable garden of water drops. I went for my camera, for I’ve tried in Lake Havasu to take good water drop shots, but have not been successful.

This is what I saw…

I really like seeing the leaf detail through the water drop. Neat, huh.
Morning Drops in Crestline by you.…and this..
Water Bouquet...and Bokeh by you.
Yesterday, I prowled around and spotted the most magnificent of butterflies. I believe it was the largest butterfly I have ever seen, and a little research taught me that my sighting was of a female Black Swallowtail.
She’s pictured above and here…
Pink Drink by you.
Ah, such is a day in Paradise. (You’ll just have to trust me that I’ve seen bugs and birds…had a Scrub Jay come on the deck to say hello a minute ago. Think he probably remembers we used to feed him peanuts. My Flickr link will take you to many flowers and bugs…and a few people)

By Shirley Buxton

Still full of life and ready to be on the move, Shirley at 84 years old feels blessed to have lots of energy and to be full of optimism. She was married to Jerry for 63 years, and grieves yet at his death in August of 2019. They have 4 children, 13 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren...all beautiful and highly intelligent--of course. :)

9 replies on “Birds, Butterflies, Bugs and Water Drops”

I have an Olympus (digital) and an old Nikon (film). I’m looking at the Nikon D90… I would love to have it! I’ve been looking at the new D5000 but not sure about it. They say it’s very similar to the D90.


Sis Buxton….your photos are so good I do believe some could be money shots….sell them to Az Highways or some such and get rich!!!!!

Well maybe not quite rich…..:-)


It’s amazing what a person can witness in the early morning of a brand new day. At about 6:30 this morning , I watched the sun trying to
get through the palm trees and thick, billowy white clouds. I wasn’t in a hurry to see it though, since
with it came the heat, and I wasn’t finished with
my visit with Jesus yet. In the distance was a faint rooster crow, and a dove cooing. Then a
family of sparrows decided to take flight right
over my head, as a bigger, louder bird flushed them out of the tree. It was a refreshing 68* and
a local horse was romping and snorting in approval. Such peace and comfort! Then that
old sun made its way clear and I high tailed it to
the comfort of the air conditioning. But even now, as the day is coming to a slow end, I can
appreciate the way it started. I truly appreciate
how you put those feelings into you pictures
Shirley. I can almost feel the dampness in the air, in your water drop shots. So glad you share
your passion with us.


Beautiful photos. What kind of camera do you use? I’m in the process of shopping for another one.

I have a Nikon D50, which I don’t believe is still made…not sure, though. I’ve had it about 3 years–It was my first digital camera, an entry level 35 mm digital Nikon. What kind of camera do you have now?


Love those water droplet pics. I am amazed by some of the photos you’ve taken, the beauty you capture in the lens of your camera. I am reminded that God created all this beauty for us here on Earth – can you imagine what kind of things he has in store for us on the other side? Kinda fun to ponder huh?

Thank you for the compliments, Linda. I really love photography, and lately have become a little more serious about it. There is so much I don’t know that I need to learn. All these things God created? I’ve thought about that a lot, especially when I’ve photographed tiny bugs and are able to see their cute faces (well, usually. Some are not as cute as others:) ) I’ve imagined God designing the animals and thinking of us as He did so, and wondered, did He do them one at a time,…or….but God’s ways are so far above ours, it’s quite impossible to figure it all out. But we can enjoy His remarkable critters, can’t we. What a wonderful world!


I love pics like this. If I lived there I would probably spend most of the time sitting just inside the front big window watching the bird. I love to sit on our front or back porch and watch them. The squirels too. So fun when the birds get after the cats and squirels. We have huge oaks and magnolias all along our street and have lots of activities among the critters. Some so beautiful birds. God must have had such a good time creating all these wonderful things for us to enjoy. Keep the pics coming. I never tire of them.

Thank you, Esther. Hope you’re feeling better.


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