A Day in the Life of the Buxton Robins

A Bird’s Eye View of Robin Maternity Central

Early yesterday, Jerry climbed up, held a mirror and I snapped this picture. There are four babies who probably hatched only a day or two before we arrived here Wedneday.

“Would the paparazzi please go away?”
“As soon as you’re through snapping your infernal camera, I have this fine meal to take to our babies.”
“Daddy’s home. We can have dinner now.”
Introducing Guy. How do I know this is Guy? Well, looking like that, it can’t be one of the girls, and it surely doesn’t resemble a bear. Must be Guy. R Guy! Look at that hairdo!
From left to right: Carol Esther, Eve and Goodbear singing for their supper.

6 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of the Buxton Robins

  1. Esther

    I’m not sure about this name thing.
    Carol-Esther Buxton-Robins
    Oh well, I guess we can live with it.

    It’s a very sophisticated, high-sounding name. That baby girl wears it with pride, no doubt.


  2. Wow… these are great pictures! I almost feel like I could reach out and touch them!! And I too the name Buxton-Robins!

    Hi, Rochelle. I “wasted” the better part of two days watching and photographing those robins. It was a blast–quite a challenge. You should have seen me high on a ladder, eye to eye with mama robin.


  3. Your pictures look great, Sister Buxton. I like Helen’s idea too of Buxton-Robins as a last name. It sounds distinguished.

    It’s the poet in Helen. I saw she suggested names for your baby doves.


  4. I love Buxton Robins. Why not hyphenate it and consider that their last name? You know, presenting Mr and Mrs. Buxton-Robins and their neonate triplets, Carol Esther, Eve and Goodbear.

    I like that, Helen. Buxton-Robin has quite a nice ring, much like Christopher Robin. Don’t forget Guy, though. The Buxton-Robin’s sired quadruplets.


  5. How cute! Looks like they’re all singing in the last picture!

    Jen, they do look as though they’re singing, but so far I haven’t heard a word–I mean chirp–out of them.


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