Grandkids Week Day 5…developing

Sleet at Grandkids Week, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.

The thermometer showed 38 degrees at 5:30 am and the temperature has been falling. Chloe just reported it now to be 34 degrees. About an hour ago it began sleeting. We thought early this morning we saw snow on Rebecca’s car, then for sure we knew, when Jerry saw passing on the street behind us a school bus sparsely covered with snow.

We’re definitely into Plan B.

The children are ecstatic…and quizzing me closely.

“It can snow at this degree, can’t it, Granny?”

“Yes, but it won’t stick.”

“Do you know where the snowsuits are, Granny?”

“Yes, and I know where are the boots and the mittens.”

They’re also praying…yelping, to be more precise. “God, hear us, please. We want snow!”

The older ones dashed out in near freezing weather and did a snow dance!
Then the little ones became brave and dashed onto the front deck–everyone barefoot–yelping and dancing, then coming in and having us feel their cold feet.
“Feel, Granny,” Brady said. And when I felt and exclaimed at the iciness of one foot, he insisted I also gauge the second.
2:00 It’s snowing! I know you won’t believe it, and I hardly can myself as I look at the wintry mix coming down–rain, sleet, hail and snow. We’re now bringing out the snowclothes. Unbelievable.
Finally we had them outfitted…and we turned them loose.
The wind was howling. My pictures are poor; guess I’m wimpy, for when I went to the deck to get good shots, it was so cold and wet…I sheepishly retreated.
In the meantime, Brady was preparing for me.
Rebecca and I agreed that the children would not stay outside long at all, for it was very cold, but they surprised us, and endured the frigid weather for quite some time. Cole and Brady were the first ones to come inside. I stripped off their clothes and plunged their icy bodies into a tub filled with warm bubbly water. Aunt Becky had hot cocoa waiting when they finally got out of the tub, had been dried, and were wearing flannel pajamas.
The older ones stayed outside longer, then finally Chloe came in bearing instructions from the boys. “They want you to take their picture, Granny. They’re sitting in the puddle.”
Sure enough, I watched as they ran and jumped slap into the middle of the water that had accumulated at the foot of our driveway, and that was covered with a sheet of ice and snow. Then Nathaniel sat completely flat in the icy water. I have no idea why. 🙂
I love this picture I took of him as he raced in for the last time. To my mind it epitomizes the fleeting moments of childhood, and catches for a minute its sheer joy.

11 thoughts on “Grandkids Week Day 5…developing

  1. Esther

    It makes me feel so good to know that my grandkids are having such a wonderful time at their other grandparents. Just wish I could be there with you and all them. Guess Mom and Dad will be coming to take them home today. I’m sure they will have lots of stories to tell Andrew and Shawna. I’m so happy that you gave us this day by day report of their adventures. I hope I will get a chance to do something with them when I go back to visit in California next month. Love to you all and many happy relaxing hours for you and Pappy when the gang are gone.


  2. Your post makes me want to come join all of you! lol Sounds like everyone’s having fun. Reminds me of the snowtrips my cousins and I would take up to Tahoe. Those were the days…


  3. P.S. The long “Jana” comment must be Jana McVay. The short “Jana” comment is me, Jana Allard. I’m not sure what happened to wordpress and why it has stopped pictures identifying bloggers who don’t use wordpress.


  4. Jana

    Can I be an honorary Grandkid for this week? Reading your accounts of all the fun makes me wish my Grandmother was still alive. She took us for a week every summer when we were growing up. She lived in East Texas and we would explore the creek (cotton-mouth snakes included), woods, my Great Uncle’s cabin that had no running water, an outhouse down the trail behind the cabin, and one light bulb hanging in the center of his kitchen. It was like living in the “olden days” in our minds!

    Miss those carefree, joyous days of childhood and wish my kids were able to have the experience of an idyllic summer vacation at Nana’s or Grandma’s. However, both sets of grandparents have jobs and are unable at this time to have the joys of a week with their grandbabies.

    Enjoy every moment! Too quickly those moments pass.


  5. What wonderful memories all of you are making!!! Brings back many precious ones for myself and I’m certain for all of us, regardless of in which season of life we are. A delight to read, thank you.


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