Grandkids Week Day 5

Gentry Cuts His Biscuits, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.

First thing Friday morning, Gentry made from “scratch” his first biscuits. They were perfect, and we ate some of them with gravy; others with butter and blackberry jelly.

Aunt Becky brought puzzles down from the game room and spread them out on the dining table for the little ones, while outside the fog billowed and the winds blew. Soon would come in the snow, sleet and hail

Is not “Hide and Go Seek” one of the world’s best games, especially when Granny is IT.

“I’m counting to 100 as fast as I can,” I warned.

Rebecca scurried around helping Brady and Cole find hiding places.

He was so intense that even after Cole came out of the cupboard, Brady remained quiet and curled up. I tucked really low then and said, “I see you Brady.” Out he came.

Just before we all sat down for dinner, I cooked a batch of fudge. Ella is the official spoon licker. She looks pleasant here, but you should have seen her when someone tried to take away the spoon. She screeched!
It had been a long and exciting day. We finished it up with Biblical charades, performed by the local family troupe.
I think this is Jesus here.

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