Grandkids Week Day 4

Cousins Set for the Day, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.

On Wednesday, he had volunteered to be the breakfast chef for Thursday morning. “I make killer banana pancakes.”

“Sure, Nathaniel.”

…so very early, here he came down the stairs. “Ready to cook breakfast, Granny?”

“Not quite, Nate. It’s pretty early and no one else is up yet.”

Soon they were though, and the kitchen was roaring. Gentry cooked a pound of bacon, Brady stirred up the hot chocolate, Cole got out the napkins and the silverware. Nate warmed Mrs. Butterworth and flipped the pancakes.

I’ve never known of anyone on either my side or Jerry’s side of the family who was in the food or restaurant business, but something must have occurred when Jerry’s genes mixed with mine, (and then with Rummel’s and Cowen’s) for all of these youngsters, on arriving here for a visit, surge into the kitchen, and start rattling pots and pans. They’re pretty good about cleaning up, too, especially with the mopping. Our kitchen got mopped three times yesterday–not including this little job here.

The weather has changed drastically here since Monday when it was almost hot. The youngsters played outside awhile, then thick fog moved in and it started raining. There was a mad scramble to get the wagon and shoes and socks gathered up. Now everyone was back inside…playing games…or trying to.

Once, when they were all upstairs, someone called.
“How far is it to Moreno Valley?”
“About an hour, I suppose.”
Seems a tornado watch had been called for Moreno Valley and they had heard of it on the radio. The weather was very unsettled and suddenly here were rolling thunder crashes and wild lightening flashes. Little bodies converged at the upstairs landing, staring down for comfort from Granny and Pappy. (You who live in areas where thunder and lightening is common must understand that in southern California it is a rare occurrence.) The temperature fell drastically, at one point in the afternoon plunging to 39 degrees. Later we learned it snowed in Big Bear during this period.
Plan B Make Cookies
I mixed up a batch of sugar cookie dough and gave each of them a mound. They rolled and cut and decorated, and made gingerbread men who have yet to taste of ginger, but it didn’t seem to matter, and as a precaution, we watched carefully when we stuck them in the oven. We’re pretty sure none ran away, but Cole thought one of his tiny ones might be missing. We’re not positive.

4 thoughts on “Grandkids Week Day 4

  1. How fun! Mother and Daddy use to take all the Grandkids for a week in the summer too. My “kids” still talk about it to this day. They loved it!
    I’m enjoying the pictures. It’s so precious!


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