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Stephen Forrest Buxton


Sixty years ago in the delivery room of St. Luke’s Hospital in Pasadena, Ca. Stephen Forrest Buxton yelped his way into the world, and into the hearts of his mom and dad. Jerry and I became parents that December evening, we knew that. What we did not know was the depth of the ┬átreasure that had been lent to us by God.


From the beginning Steve loved people, and people loved him.

On his report cards, his teachers noted his considerable intelligence and his propensity to chatter. He was a communicator. He communicated with his dad and with me. After a date, or a youth activity, he often would come to our bedroom and talk with us before going to bed. As do many teenagers, he struggled. As do a few, he persevered. He listened to the voice of God. He became a preacher.

And now he’s sixty.

His love for people, his generosity, and his caring ways extend to Jerry and to me. A few months ago to commemorate our 60th anniversary, which we did not celebrate at the time, because of health issues, he financed a trip for us to Africa, Florence, Italy, and to Rome.


He is a skillful, passionate preacher. Proof that this is not just a mama’s biased observation is that he has preached virtually all over the world.

DSC_6976I bless that long ago day when you were born, Steve. I am vastly thankful to be your mother.

Happy Birthday!

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Phoenix-Prescott Valley-Phoenix (Day 4 Summer Roadtrip 2012)

A busy Sunday began with us leaving Phoenix a few minutes after 8:00. We set our GPS to direct us to Prescott Valley where Jerry would preach the morning message in a church pastored by Rev. Richard Evans. We arrived too early, so after sighting the church, we went a few blocks away to Wendy’s where we ordered coffee.

“Look, Jerry,” I had sputtered on the way to the coffee stop. “Look at that neat building. I want to take pictures.” So Jerry drove back to this children’s dental complex, and while he sipped coffee I snapped pictures. Cutest place. Smartest dentist.

Pastor Evans, his wife, and other members of the church welcomed us as we entered the church, and soon a table was set up for my books. It was an amazing morning; per capita, I believe I sold more books there in Prescott Valley than I have sold any other place. As he introduced Jerry to preach after I had made my book presentation, Brother Evans announced that he wanted to buy 100 copies of my newest book, BACKSLIDING, the bitter bite of beelzebub. I sold so many books after the service that I ran out of one of the titles and must do a mailing today. I tremendously appreciate such support for my work. (Another subject which I will address in a different post is my extreme reluctance to push my own books. Yet I know that unless I do so, I will not sell them. ­čśŽ┬á …..)

Jerry stands with pastor and Mrs. Evans and with their son Ryan who is a law student at USC and who was home for a visit. With these neat people we enjoyed a delicious meal and great conversation at a Texas Roadhouse. . . then it was time to drive back to Phoenix.

The dedication of Gabby by her parents was scheduled for Sunday night at Phoenix Revival Center pastored by Brother Delmon Sansom. Brother Sansom spoke an eloquent dedication message titled, A Tale of Two Homes. It was powerful. Jessica wanted her pappy to be involved, too, and of course he was excited to do so.

Gabby is a definite mama’s girl and she did not want to be given to Jesus! She yelped, wanting to be given instead to Jessica. “Never mind her crying,” Jerry said to the audience, and he prayed right over her bawling.

After the dedication, Jerry preached to the precious people who make up the congregation of this fine church. After sweet conversation with Brother and Sister Sansom and their great people, we said good-bye, motored home, and plunked ourselves into bed. Tired, but happy!


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Western District Camp Meeting 2009

After the end of the short cruise we drove to Lake Havasu, attended our Sunday service, and by 4:00 in the afternoon we had pulled our rig onto the highway and were headed to Santa Maria, CA. for the Western District camp meeting. I cannot remember a better one. It was outstanding in every way.


The preaching was phenomenal, coming from Rev. Brian Kinsey the evening preacher and Rev. James Hughes the daytime preacher, and including four preachers from the district, in addition to Rev. Mullings who preached on Monday night. I missed hearing the Wednesday morning local preacher, but I can vouch for the others as being superior. Rev. Ed Allard was the Tuesday morning preacher and in a sincere, positive manner, he challenged us as Apostolics to take a careful and honest look at ourselves. “Has our gold turned to bronze?” He clearly asked for direction from our elected leaders. It was a powerful, courageous message, that resonnated soundly with the congregation.

DSC_0011The teaching and preaching by Brother Hughes was profound.

One problem existed: For the first time I can remember, none of my children, grandchildren or great-grandchildren were with us at camp…until Thursday evening when in came Chris and Christina and their two youngsters.

DSC_0014Friends ministered to each other.


Families reveled in the presence of God.DSC_0029

DSC_0005New dedications were offered up to our God.

Family Apostolic Camps–the best meetings I have ever attended. Another one coming up in a couple of weeks in southern California: If at all possible, be there. All over the country–please, make your way to an Apostolic family camp! They’re the greatest!