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Black Ice

Black ice.

At night I walk

with care. Each step

on point.

Then . . .

beneath my back is black.

My eyes fixed on stars, of cold and diamond flame.

Ice. Black ice.

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Mid-Winter Promenade

Snow and ice, they grip and hold

the cold. Long days and nights
but close about

spring giggles. She knows

snow and ice will pack and run.

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Icy, I tell you

Picture from Best Pics

Most of my friends think I’m kind of batty, but I enjoy winter weather and when it rains and snows here in Crestline, I am delighted. In fact, I wish it were a little colder today for this Thanksgiving holiday, and wish snow were in the forecast. But it’s not, and in many ways it will be better once all the youngsters arrive, for they will pull out the bikes, trikes, scooters, balls, and hoops and tear around here. When it’s snowy and icy, we’re always putting on and taking off boots and mittens and there are mounds of jackets on the landing.

So this morning, I’m having my winter fix by looking at these ice storm pictures taken in Switzerland. Never seen anything like it, and there are many more pictures of this incredible ice storm here.

How is your weather? Snow anyone? or does your landscape boast palm trees swaying in a balmy breeze?

Just checked the thermometer. Reporting 42 degrees in Crestline, CA. Nice and nippy.


See more pictures of this incredible ice storm here.