Rebecca’s Gift

Someone had said to her, “Let’s go out front. Want to show you something.”

20140920-untitled (38 of 134)“Oh, that’s a really pretty car.” 20140920-untitled (39 of 134)It’s yours, Rebecca. A gift from your brother Steve. 20140920-untitled (40 of 134) 20140920-untitled (41 of 134) 20140920-untitled (43 of 134) Aw, Aunt Bek, we love you so much.20140920-untitled (53 of 134) 20140920-untitled (54 of 134)We were down at Steve’s to help celebrate his 20th pastoral anniversary when last Saturday all this happened–Rebecca’s generous, giving brother Stephen surprised her with a shiny red Cadillac.

20140920-untitled (50 of 134)I believe I have mentioned before that our dear Rebecca has suffered cruel breaks in life, the major one being extreme and deadly health issues. Literally, she has more than one time been at the point of death. She is divorced and not able to work. Her old car was choking and heaving.

20140920-untitled (56 of 134)20140920-untitled (61 of 134)Sir Winston dressed for the occasion.

In the midst of this disheveled, gone crazy world, where only yesterday in Oklahoma a woman was beheaded in her work place…..there are still those who care, who love, who give. Lots of them.


9 thoughts on “Rebecca’s Gift

  1. Renee

    There is NO ONE more deserving of a blessing like this than my sweet, caring, thoughtful, loving, selfless friend. I’m crying tears of joy this morning, anxiously awaiting getting to pull up in the church parking lot to see it in person!


  2. You made my day!!! Love is so AWSOME! God is good ALL the time.

    Vickie, I am so glad you are here today and reading this post about my children. Again, I am so sorry for the loss of your own not long ago . . . pray that God will continue to comfort and strengthen you and Rick. Would so love to see you. And YES . . .God is good all the time. In happy days such as this one for Rebecca and Steve and in the sad, lonesome hours……ALL the time.


  3. Mike

    Awesome…it truly is better to give than receive.God bless Steve for his giving.’

    Yes, it is better, Michael. And I have not forgotten that Rebecca’s last car was one that you, her brother, helped buy for her. God has blessed me with such outstanding children. Love you so very much. Impossible to say.


  4. Anonymous

    Rebecca I am so happy for you because u r a very special lady in the kingdom of God love u sis iris bisbal

    Yes, she is Sister Bisbal. Rebecca is truly remarkable……love from the Buxtons.


  5. Charlotte

    Your story is so sweet. Thank you for sharing this great news! And, I really love Sir Winston’s attire!! God bless you.

    Winston said to say thank you. 🙂


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