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The Plundering of McKay Hatch’s Site

Sunday morning edit: It appears that McKay’s website has been restored. In a comment on the original blog site yesterday, his father told me they had called in the FBI.

Proponents of profanity and vulgarity have hacked into McKay Hatch’s website. They have eradicated his excellent material and have substituted their own filth, lies and obscenities. On October 19th, 2007, I wrote a piece about this unusual 14-year-old young man, who, at his junior high school in Pasadena, Ca. has established a No Cussing Club. My opening lines were:

McKay Hatch is my kind of man, for I am sick of the profanity and vulgarity that has infiltrated our society. McKay has done more than complain and fume about the situation, certainly has done far more than I have to correct the problem–he has established the No Cussing Club.

I have been blogging 21 months, during which time I have written a myriad of pieces, and have covered widely divergent subjects–some mild, placid writings; others that were of a controversial nature and that stirred up opposing views and comments. That’s generally a constructive thing, for in such a way we learn–sometimes to the extent that we may change our minds about a particular concept or proposition.

Not one of my other articles has elicited such an overwhelming amount of hate and vulgarity as has the one I wrote about McKay and his club. From my comments section I deleted vulgar talk and broke links to obscene sites, although I left some of the negative comments in place. I knew there was a distinct and palpable move to come against McKay and his principles, but I had no idea these people would stoop to such base and appalling action.

The actions of this courageous young man have emboldened a group of people who seem bent on destroying McKay’s work, who seem set on deprecating this young man who has the nerve and fortitude to speak against vile and filthy language. His father reports the family has even received death threats.

Now his website has been hacked. His picture has been removed from his site, (and thus from ours), and one of the banners reads, WE NOW CUSS. A line of print describes McKay as recanting on his no cussing pledge, and shows a book, formerly titled, “How To Raise a G-Rated Family in an X-Rated World ” to be now entitled, “How to Raise an X-Rated Family in an X-Rated World.” Vile, pounding music can be heard.

I’m not sure what is to be done about this. I will be contacting the father by email to let him know of my concern, and I will keep you up to date on any developments. Let us pray for the entire Hatch family.


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By Shirley Buxton

Still full of life and ready to be on the move, Shirley at 83 years old feels blessed to have lots of energy and to be full of optimism. She was married to Jerry for 63 years, and grieves yet at his death in August of 2019. They have 4 children, 13 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren...all beautiful and highly intelligent--of course. :)

19 replies on “The Plundering of McKay Hatch’s Site”

I’d like travel the other route if I may, and say that again people are blowing things way out of proportion just to fill a “noun-mongering” quota. Sentences like “I am sick of the profanity and vulgarity that has infiltrated our society” and “The actions of this courageous young man have emboldened a group of people who seem bent on destroying McKay’s work”

First of all, sure, it’s impressive and all how it accomplished to get nation-wide attention, however I really don’t understand what he had to overcome to be ranked (if you will) as courageous?

“infiltrated our society”? Profanity has in no way infiltrated anything, that’s just some detached view, as if saying that the problem existed on it’s own and somehow seeped in to our lives. People choose to curse and be vulgar, it didn’t “just happen”.

I’m fairly certain no one is “bent” on destroying McKay’s work but really just wanted to do it. It might not seem like a good reason, but evidently it was good enough.

so on and so forth..


Thanks for this story. I think this boy is doing an honorable thing there. I’m not going to say I never curse or that I lead a totally christian lifestyle by any stretch but these people who have targeted him and his family are sick. I don’t see how it affects them if he or I choose to stop swearing or invite others to do the same. They must be really bored and miserable to take the time out of their day to antagonize this champ for trying to make the world a little better place. His detractors need to get a life.

Thank you Chris for your response and for your support of what I see as a tremendous young man.


“declare their pledge to live a life that is clean and good!”

using “bad” language doesnt mean you live a bad life what so ever. they are just words. all of which have a meaning just like any other word in our language. using said language ALSO doesnt mean you are unintelligent. at all. i scored well above average on my high school SAT and my favorite word is (word deleted by blog owner.). judging someone based on anything besides character is what shows ignorance.


Thanks for this update about McKay. We need more people like McKay and more like you–who continue to point out what is right and good in the world, no matter how vocal and volatile the opposition gets.


Jana, I am sorry to hear that. When I checked yesterday, the original site came up. I just don’t understand how people can do that (the technical part.) I certainly don’t understand why a young man’s modest efforts has aroused such resistance. There must be evil attached with these efforts to quiet McKay.

Thank you for your support.

Edit: Strange, Jana. I just went over and was connected to his original site. You might try clearing your cache.


McKay’s site is still under attack. I just tried to access it and was redirected to the filthy hacked site. I pray McKay doesn’t get discouraged. We need more young people like him to stand firm and declare their pledge to live a life that is clean and good!


I was searching for this kind of a blog for months now. Actually lost the hope of finding one, but here i am 🙂 Thanks for the great articles! Looking forward for a little read after dinner 🙂



Thank you for your response and for your support. I have emailed McKay’s father, telling of our firm stand behind him. I mentioned both your names as being supporters of McKay’s project.


Sis. Buxton;
When you make contact with this young man’s father, please pass my sadness to him for this act of invasion of privacy.

Vulgarity, witch equals to rudeness, crudeness, crudity and offensiveness. These were just quickly lifted from the “Synonyms,” function of Office. I have been one that has found the use of basically four letter words and harsh words offensive to me. Would this be, because I try to hold a Christian life style? I would like to feel that the answer for me is no. My innards cringe with some of the language that is used around, to and from some young ladies. I hear some of the rude, crude and distasteful remarks made in both directions, to the young ladies and from these young ladies. What is happening to our language? Is this to be the way the next generation will transfer thoughts?

But not to just use this form of communication, but to force it upon another who finds it offensive. Now we are faced with two evils. Once more this MY personal opinion. You may do most anything you wish, just don’t force me to see, hear or witness your WHATEVER, just go your way and be happy. When you force me, my wife, my children, my grandchildren and my great grand children to witness or hear your choice of actions or words. When then are my rights? You have the right to do it, but you do not have the right to force feed it to me!

Language and the use there of is a very powerful tool, this is how we and men and women convey our thoughts form one to the other. Let us be aware of how this conveyance of thought is used.



Well, Shirley. I’m with you 100% on this one. Of course, cussing isn’t the world’s biggest problem, but it sure is a fine thing for a young person to challenge. This young man is asking others to do something they can personally accomplish, with or without the support of their elders. Please feel free to add my name to any correspondence concerning this matter. We owe it to fine young people to support them in their efforts to help make the world more nearly the way God intended it to be.


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