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Eleventh of Eleven

Today was the last day of the eleven that Jerry and I had the oversight of the five children who belong to our son Andrew and his wife Shawnna, who spent the eleven days vacationing in Hawaii. The children range in age from 4 to 16.

These have been wonderful days, but I think today was the finest of all. Started this way: Rebecca and Nathaniel came up about 10:30, we loaded everyone in two cars–Rebecca’s and ours, tossed in a few snacks, chairs, fishing tackle and headed down to the lake which is about 5 minutes from our house. It was a glorious day, brilliant sky, temperature in the mid ’80s, hint of a breeze, and we found a perfect spot beneath trees where we set up and the kids set to fishing and traipsing about.

Suddenly a bald eagle began flying over the lake, soaring through the crystal sky and then settling into the top of a large pine tree. I snapped several pictures from where we sat, then began walking, until finally I stood beneath the tree where the majestic bird still perched. What an opportunity to see and to photograph such a splendid bird.

At home, I had left food in a crock pot and we would eat a late lunch-early dinner, but when several hours had passed at the lake and we mentioned going home, no one wanted to leave. They hadn’t caught one fish, but were having a blast. We discussed options and decided Rebecca would stay with the youngsters while I went home to make sandwiches and then return.

When I arrived at the house, the sky had slightly darkened, and then a little rain sprinkled down, so I called Rebecca and asked how it looked at the lake. “Same here,” she reported, saying she would call me back in 15 minutes with a decision. The decision was: Come back to the lake. I did, stopping at the store to pick up ice cream drumsticks for dessert. We stayed another couple of hours, the youngsters still didn’t want to head home, but I insisted then, for they had chores and by now it was getting toward early evening.

(Slight attitude adjustment indicated above.)

Everyone has had a shower now and the young ones are asleep. Not sure about the older ones, but the house is quiet. Their parents are leaving Hawaii at midnight…be here sometime in the morning. Change is in the air!