Trees, Horses, Dogs, and Pig

Summer road trip. Day 22 Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jerry and Brother Keyes took off for a couple of hours, leaving me the car. Off I went to the golf course where a little more than a year ago when we were here, I “met” the most magnificent trees. This is my favorite, as beautiful today as it was in winter when I first saw it with completely bare branches.

At the golf course, I suddenly saw two dogs dashing across the fairways, and then onto the side dirt road where I was creeping along in my Jeep. I think they were runaways, for although I watched their antics for 10 minutes or  so, I did not see any persons associated with them. Then they ran in front of my car, I rolled down the windows and pointed my camera their way. Love this picture. The first dog seems to be faintly frowning at me; the second is hiding, peering at me through a bush. Another picture of them is on my photography blog.

Leaving the golf course, I turned left on Hoopes Road for a little exploration. In a field set against the mountains I thought I glimpsed a horse, and seeing there was a place along the road to safely pull into, I parked my Jeep and got out. I saw movement among the trees and bushes and began to call to the horse. Shortly, here came two.

I am attracted to horses, and if I had been reared around them, I believe I would be a great horse-lover. But, although I really like them, I am afraid of them, so when they came up to the fence, I wanted to pet their noses–and did–but tentatively, and with hesitation. I think they were expecting treats from me, and I felt sorry I didn’t have any, especially seeing how they had been to prompt to come when I called.

They looked like this when I left. Think they wanted me to stay. 🙂

The pig? We ate him! Delicious BBQ. 6:00 at the Safford’s home. Homemade apple pie straight from the oven with Blue Bell vanilla melting into the succulence of the dessert.

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