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Satan Hates New Life Center

By the scores are they scheduled–cutting-edge seminars, conferences and workshops in which is taught every imaginable angle to facilitate the advertisement of churches. Rarely have I met a pastor who is not interested in utilizing the method deemed to be the most effective. Signage, newspaper ads, and radio clips are commonly used. But until today, I have never heard of anyone who had taken the step of involving Satan in these endeavors.

Mike Lewis wants you to know that Satan hates the New Life Center in Cedar Grove.

He wants you to know it so much that his church has put up a billboard along U.S. 60 outside Rand saying just that.

The sign has caused a bit of controversy, said Pete Conley, owner of Conley’s Hair Styling across from the sign in Rand.

I don’t appreciate the word ‘hate,’” Conley said. “I have to look at that sign every day and I can appreciate the message they are putting out there but not the way they are going about it.”

The sign lists the church’s Web site, In small white lettering it says that the church paid for the billboard.

Often, people read only the main message of the billboard as they drive by and think the sign was paid for by a group that hates the church, Conley said.

Lewis, pastor of the New Life Center, says he has fielded several calls from people concerned that someone was attacking the church. He says they have always gone away understanding and appreciating the message.

“We are doing a little reverse psychology,” he said. “You always see signs that say, ‘I love you.’ This is the opposite.”

Lewis said he feels that those who oppose his church are on the side of Satan, knowingly or otherwise.

Read the entire article here.

Interesting, huh. What is your take on advertising in this way? Do the means always justify the end? If this gets people to church, shouldn’t that be alright? Or, not?

By Shirley Buxton

Still full of life and ready to be on the move, Shirley at 81 years old feels blessed to have lots of energy and to be full of optimism. She was married to Jerry for 64 years, and grieves yet at his death in August of 2019. They have 4 children, 13 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren...all beautiful and highly intelligent--of course. :)

15 replies on “Satan Hates New Life Center”

As some of you know, this question of television advertising–and broadcasting–is causing quite a stir among the United Pentecostal Church. There are many seemingly quite successful ministers who strongly believe we should advertise on television, and I’ve heard it said that many of them believe if Paul were still on the earth he would use the television media to advance the Gospel.

Other ministers among us–seemingly just as successful as the first group–adamantly contend television advertising and broadcasting to be a dreadful mistake.

We definitely need direction from God concerning these issues.


I agree with Helen and Jana. Personal evangelism with the intention of sharing the gospel with a hungry heart is the best way to win people to God. Advertising on TV is not good. How did Jesus draw crowds? He ministered to their needs – which made them follow Him. If we minister to people’s needs and love them, THEN they will want to go to our church. Not because of advertising.


That billboard is just stupid and rediculous. Satan doesn’t deserve free adverstisement. He gets enough ads from the broken homes surrounding us, teenage pregnacy, drugs…….

This type of so-called Christian advertising is why I am so opposed to the church advertising on TV. Helen used the word “fake” and that is exactly how I feel about this type of advertising.


Ching. Ching. Oh, there are many instances of “out there” church behavior. My cousins church had a “SUPER BOWL SUNDAY”. Lots of folks wore the jerseys of their favorite foot ball team. Different
strokes for different folks? Ching Ching


Well, I guess this goes against most things I’ve said, but I think garrish advertising (like a billboard) puts church in with the rest of the mix of secular activities that cry out for our time and money. I’ve seen television ads, too. It makes church seem like an amusment park rather than a place of worship. We have Christian everything these days: Christian rap, Christian clothes, Christian jewelery, etc. So that it’s like a culture within a culture. I think God intends us to like for Him in the world He created, not to create our own. I think this false creation is a slap in the face of Jesus to died to save us and enable us – by the coming of the Holy Spirit – to live for Him in this world. I think a personal witness is much more powerful than an anti-Satan sign as far as bringing the lost into God’s kingdom. There’s nothing like the human touch to bring someone to Jesus.

I think special services like “Fireworks and Jesus” are the biggest fake in the world. They scream “Christains are better people than the rest,” which is a lie from Satan. I don’t know if I’m making my point of not, Shirley.

Certainly posting in the religion section of a newspaper is appropriate. That just let’s people know you are there, so they can come if they want to. That’s not loud and vular. Neither is talking to people in the church neighborhood, as long as you aren’t proselyting from other churches. Or having a picnic as open house.


Ching Ching. That’s the sound of my two cents worth……The secular world knows that correct, and sometimes incorrect advertising, is essential for business survival. How can churches,who have the key to eternal life, be silent or hidden? I say shout it out in every venue you can. Ching Ching.


Rochelle, with your brilliant brain, you have succinctly identified the source of the success of my blog; it’s my readers and their clear, and sometimes divergent, opinions and their willingness to express them. I’m blessed by having such people come to my site. Included, of course, is you. Thank you.


You always receive the best comments, Sister Buxton. I come to not only read your blog, but what your readers have to say. And I am going to have to agree with with majority here. Although I think I understand that the pastor intentions in trying to get people’s attention who may have tuned out the “normal” church advertising…

Interesting blog.


Hello, Helen.

By not advertising, do you mean not placing ads in the church sections of newspapers, not handing out church cards and bulletins, not telling friends and neighbors about our activities–things that that? Or do you have something else in mind?


I’d say the church needs a pastor with a better brain. This is the same mentality as those who put bumper stickers that say “Honk if you love Jesus” on thier cars. Like all non-honkers don’t. The “end” there is just a lot of honking.

Churches shouldn’t advertise. There used to be billboard in Charlotte, NC. The top said, “Jesus Saves.” The bottom said, “S & H Green Stamps.” See what I mean?


Personally, I’d rather see advertising that focuses on God’s love for people and the church, not satan’s hate for it. The best advertisement is living advertisement or people that live out the Christianity that is taught in the Bible.


Sis. Buxton, I don’t believe anyone should give Satan any praise, in any way, shape or form. The less we draw attention to him the better. I don’t even like it when people testify that Satan has been on to them all day, or something like that. He does not deserve our thoughts, much less, our vocalizing anything about him. Love you.


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