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Meet The Real Thumbelina

She’s five years old and when you hold a ruler to her, the top reading is 17 inches. Her name is Thumbelina. She’s a horse, and the Guinness Book of World Records has titled her The World’s Smallest Horse.

ThumbelinaLittlest pony: Thumbelina. Click enlarge for full image (Picture from the Daily Mail)

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Thumbelina was born on a miniature horse breeding farm, Goose Creek Farms in St. St. Louis, Mo., but from her birth, it was evident she was a much smaller horse than anyone there had ever seen. She weighed only 8 pounds when she was born, and at one year of age, she stopped growing. Her weight now is 60 pounds.

‘The tiny mare has become sometime of a celebrity in St. Louis, but her owner, Mr Goessling, insists they will never sell her, no matter what price is offered.

“She is too precious to us to sell,” he said. “I think my parents would sell me before they part with Thumbelina.”

Now a Foundation has been established, and Thumbelina travels around the country spreading cheer and raising money. I took the following information from her website which indicates that her touring is over for this year, but in 2008, she will again be traveling. Hope some of us can visit with her. I’ll sure be taking my grandchildren to meet her if I get the chance.

From May to November of 07, Thumbelina will be bringing smiles to children across the country. The Thumbelina Children’s Tour will make stops in all 48 continental states (plus Washington DC) to brighten the day for kids and staff at over 100 hospitals, special camps and schools, group children’s homes and shelters from coast to coast. Our goal is to raise over $1 million for these very worthy charities and institutions. We hope to see you all along the tour.


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