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Ten Beautiful Bridges

I can’t place the location exactly, but in the memory bank of my childhood is an occasion where I crossed a stream of some size on a log bridge. I recall walking gingerly from one side to the other, but I don’t remember it as a frightening experience, so I think the body of water was probably small, or else I was just so young that I didn’t recognize the danger involved.

I’ve crossed many bridges since that faraway sketchy moment…both figuratively and literally. Bridges fascinate me, and when I cross one in my travels, I’m always intrigued. I encourage you to check out this article, which not only shows photographs, but writes of interesting historical perspectives. It pictures stunning bridges that the author calls The 10 Most Beautiful Bridges in the World.

Pont du Gard

We’ve come a long way in bridge building since crossing a river on a fallen log. The first bridges were built with wooden planks, ropes and stones. Soon, stronger material were required. Wood and stone bridges gave way to iron, then to steel ones. Bridge building techniques also evolved: beam, cantilevered, cable-stayed, and suspension bridges – each with advantages that made it the right choice for a particular location.

Political fortunes and wars have been made or lost by bridges. Throughout history, bridges had been built by engineers and burned by warriors, and crossed by kings and commoners alike. Millions of people owe their livelihood to bridges, as most require them to commute; and yet thousands of people choose to end their lives by jumping off them every year.

Bridges are stylish: from classical to modern, they are as much a work of art as they are marvels of engineering. To celebrate the wonders of “classic” bridges, here are Neatorama’s picks for the Top 10 Most Beautiful Bridges in the World.


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