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Beautiful Colleen and Her Chickens

Jerry and I had the great opportunity of being in church services with Pastor Kris Keyes in Safford, AZ. over this past weekend, and we had a delightful time. The church is a long-established one that recently has experienced a fresh surge of growth, and we thoroughly enjoyed worshiping with this tremendous group of people.

One of the highlights of the trip was to become better acquainted with the Keyes family, including their two beautiful daughters, Sarah and Colleen. Sarah is a senior in high school who is also taking college classes. She does a great job playing the keyboard during their church services. Pastor Keyes is a tremendous singer and also plays the guitar…all in addition to being a great preacher and pastor, of course. đŸ™‚ Within the next few days, I will be writing a piece on my devotional blog about Sister Keyes, along with a picture of her, but today I want to tell you about the younger daughter.

Colleen is a vibrant 16-year-old, truly in love with God, and a witness everywhere of His love and power, but especially to peers in her high school, demonstrated by the fact that sitting on the pew with her on Sunday were two young ladies she had brought from her school. Colleen not only loves God, His people and His work: She loves chickens.

Chickens? Yes, chickens.

I had heard rumblings of such attraction earlier in our stay, but it was when we were at their home on Sunday evening, that from the back of the house, here came Colleen. “Want to see one of my chickens?”

Her mom, her dad and her sister smiled at Colleen and her love affair with birds.

“She loves all animals,” her mother told me.

“Maybe she’ll be a veterinarian,” I suggested. Her mom nodded in agreement. “She would be very good at that.”

These chickens are not mature ones–still a little young–and although they stay outside during the day, at night Colleen keeps them in a box in her room. When evening approaches, the little chickens flock to the door to be let inside.

After we had admired both the male and the female Banty and had watched them “kiss” her, she took them from the room and returned  with a beautiful parakeet.

…who obviously loved her.

“Once she rescued a sparrow who had fallen in their yard,” her mom told me. “She scoured the internet to find feeding instructions and nursed the sparrow to maturity.”

“He would come when I called him,” Colleen told me.

“Sometimes after dark we find Colleen outside, checking on her chickens,” her mother added. Many of them roost in the trees, and she wants to be sure they all made it home.

The last bird Colleen brought in for us to see was a beautiful rooster. “I thought he was female when I bought him at the pet store,” she told me. She giggled. “Then he crowed.”

How refreshing is this charming family;  a loving mother and father who have reared beautiful, wholesome, godly daughters.

…and one of them loves chickens.

Cheers for the Kris Keyes family of Safford, AZ.

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