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You Go, Snoopy! Uno Numero

A couple of days ago, I wrote about the Westminster Kennel Dog Show which was that day opening in New York City. I also presented the picture of a standard poodle, who stood (in a presumptuous posture, some might say) surveying a scene, as though he were indeed human. You know how those poodles are! (just kiddin,’ just kiddin’, primpy poodle owners.)

Well, move over you high falutin’ ones in the dog kingdom. “Snoopy” –the humble beagle, America’s sweetheart, in prestigious Madison Square Garden has swept the exhibition. “He is a ten–a perfect dog.” The judges handed down the verdict.

Uno, a 15-inch beagle, winner of Best in Show at the 132nd Westminster ...

NEW YORK AP – Start dancin’, Snoopy. You’re out of the Westminster doghouse.

At long last, a beagle is America’s top dog. Baying and barking to his heart’s delight, Uno lived up every bit to his name Tuesday night, becoming the first of his breed to win best in show at the nation’s biggest canine competition.

“He’s a people’s dog, a merry little hound,” handler Aaron Wilkerson said.

A sold-out crowd at Madison Square Garden that called and chanted Uno’s name stood and roared when he was picked as numero uno. He got right into the act, jumping on Wilkerson and confirming his other title: noisiest in the show.

“My sister called me today and said she’s always turned off the dog show on TV because she’s tired of all those poodles winning,” Jon Woodring, one of Uno’s co-owners, said in the afternoon. “But she watched last night. I think Uno winning would show that an everyday dog can do it.”

Longtime dog expert David Frei, the paw-by-paw announcer for USA Network‘s coverage of Westminster, went even further earlier, declaring: “If he wins best in show, I’ll rent him an apartment in New York City because I’ll be traveling with him all year, so many people will want to see him,” he said. “If he won, it would be the greatest thing for our show.”

Better get that first rent check ready — Uno is here to stay.

“We knew he was going to be No. 1. I didn’t know he’d do it this fast,” Wilkerson said.

From my perch here in Arizona, I say, “You Go, Snoopy! Numero Uno!” Time to respect the common man. 🙂

Check out this slideshow. Lots of magnificent pictures.


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Dog Show Opens Today in New York

(c) Magnum Photos

Picture and more information from Westminster Kennel Club website. 

This looks to be a feisty affair. If you’re about New York City today, take a look and let us know your take on this dog show. If you see this poodle, say hello for me. 🙂 Isn’t that a startling picture?

The Westminster Kennel Club 132nd Annual Dog Show

Monday and Tuesday, February 11-12, 2008
Madison Square Garden
Pennsylvania Plaza
Seventh to Eighth Avenues and 31st to 33rd Streets
New York, New York

America’s First and Only Champions Only Dog Show Entry limited to 2,500 dogs


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