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Gallopping Gratuities

Hey, are any of my friends from Texas reading this?

We’re leaving Lake Havasu before 5:00 tomorrow morning, driving to Las Vegas, then boarding a plane, changing in Albuquerque and winding up in Houston Hobby at 4:30 in the afternoon. Today, I’ve been straightening things around this cluttered motor home, repacking my luggage, watching Jerry deal with his and tucking my speaking notes safely into my computer case. A few minutes ago I sat down to take a short break, and one of the first news items I saw was this startling story: A waitress in TEXAS receives a horse for a tip!

A horse?


“Galloping gratuities,” someone said.

Are they all over the place in Texas handing out horses? Will Jerry and I come home mounted on beautiful steeds, instead of flapping our wings on Southwest? Rather doubt it! Anyway, I thought you needed to hear this delightful story.

By Allan Turner of the Houston Chronicle:

Maybe it was his eyes — deep liquid pools of the inkiest black. Maybe it was his size — towering over his Lilliputian handlers with benign majesty. Maybe it was his breath — voluminous clouds of exhalation sweetly redolent of hay.

Whatever it was, Mailman Express had plenty of it. He was one hunk of horse, and A.D. Carrol loved him for it.

“He’s gorgeous,” Carrol, a diminutive 71-year-old Sugar Land woman, crooned into Mailman’s perked-up ear. Then, turning to her human companions, she added in an undertone, “I told him how beautiful he is. I think he remembers me.”

That was the touching scene Tuesday at the Houston Polo Club as Carrol, on her way to her waitress job at Ouisie’s Table, stopped by to say hello to the thoroughbred bay gelding she received as an eye-popping tip.

“All this started about a week and a half ago when I was waiting tables,” Carrol said. “There were two men drinking coffee and I had to ask them to move to make way for a larger group. One of the men just asked me if I wanted a horse. I said, ‘sure.’ Two days later he came back with the trainer’s phone number and Mailman was mine.”

A short video of the horse and the remainder of the article is here.


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