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Monday Morning Mysteries

Well, last week’s mystery of the UFOs in Texas has been solved.(At least to the satisfaction of some.) But here at the beginning of the week, a couple of other unexplained phenomena have emerged, and knowing the caliber of you who read here, I’m submitting them for your examination. Smack your Sherlock hat onto your head, gather your investigative tools, and solve these mysteries, please.

In Herefordshire, England, Russell Bird snapped this picture of a flock of sheep who strangely formed a circle, baffling the farmers and others who saw this strange occurrence. There were about 100 in the ring. Strangely, another circle of sheep had formed in a pasture three fields over. The formations lasted about ten minutes before dispersing.

Clues here.

Closer to home is this mystery surrounding the Empire State Building.

NEW YORK — It’s been dubbed the “Empire State Building Effect.” And now questions are being raised as to whether the famous skyscraper may really be Manhattan’s version of the Bermuda Triangle.

Every day about 10-15 cars and trucks simply stop working within a 5-block radius of the 102-story building, according to a report in the New York Daily News.

In one recent incident, a person said he had to lock his vehicle manually because the keyless remote-controlled lock was disabled. He came back to find he was locked out and had to call a car service which used a crowbar to get the door open, the Daily News writes.

New York City clues here.

Okay, there you are–two mysteries laid out for you to solve. Jerry and I must run to Phoenix today and won’t be home until tomorrow, although I might be able to check my site this evening–not sure. Anyway, I’ll be expecting your wise comments and proffered solutions.


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Perhaps Halloween Lingers


Ohooo..In the last few hours I have learned of spooky things. Could it be that Halloween is not over?

AP photograph

Ridgway, Pa. A hunter out to photograph deer last month has reignited the Sasquatch debate with a photograph of a small furry animal walking on all fours.Rick Jacobs said he took this photograph with a camera using an automatic trigger in the Allegheny National Forest, about 11 miles north of Pittsburgh, hoping to capture deer. But his image has only managed to spark further debate about the existence of bigfoot. More here.

Then there is this the news report that presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich confirms he has seen a UFO.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich’s aspirations might stretch beyond the Oval Office into the great beyond.The Ohio Democrat and presidential candidate “felt a connection in his heart” when he saw a strange object floating in the sky while visiting Shirley MacLaine in the 1980s in her Washington state home, according to a new book by the actress-turned-clairvoyant.In the book — to be released Nov. 6 — MacLaine writes, “He saw a gigantic triangular craft, silent and observing him. It hovered for about 10 minutes or so and sped away with a speed he couldn’t comprehend. He felt a connection in his heart and heard directions in his mind.”

And so these questions again arise: Is there a “Bigfoot” animal? Are there “flying saucers” UFOs? I’m of a rather open mind and while I can imagine an animal existing that hasn’t yet been identified, it does seems unlikely to me. Our population is large, and we have roamed across so much of our land, that the likelihood of not capturing one of these animals seems small. On the other hand, consider how few people have seen a bear, or a tiger or a lion. Ask a hunter how hard it is sometimes to view, much less, bag his game. So, my opinion on the existence of Sasquatch is: Not likely, but certainly possible.

There seems to be more evidence of UFOs than of Sasquatch’s, and when I consider such existence I consider the mindsets of people in the years before electricity was discovered. Although electricity was as prevalent then as now, the inhabitants of that world had no idea it was there, or to what great use it would be utilized. A light bulb or a computer was in no way envisioned, yet such uses are now seen as clearly possible. A discussion of Xrays, laser beams and global positioning systems would have seemed illogical.Typical Sasquatch Track on Dirt RoadImage take from this site. Much more information there.My opinion is that the existence of both UFOs and such creatures as Sasquatch and the Loch Ness Monster is feasible. Do you share my opinion or do you have another? I want to hear your thoughts.


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My devotional blog is here.