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Please, Once Again Bethani Roam Desperately Needs Prayer

I know I have asked before, but once more, please pray for Bethani Roam. She is in full rejection of her liver and is being transported back to UC San Francisco.

Bethani is a 24 year-old minister’s wife and the mother of a nine month old baby. Last month when her liver suddenly and completely failed, she was airlifted to San Francisco where she underwent a liver transplant.

Her blog is maintained here. At this moment Bethani and all her family desperately need our prayers.

EDIT: Bethani’s husband is a full-time evangelist, which means they travel from church to church preaching special revival services. As far as I know his only income is from the offerings he receives at these meetings, and I’m sure these are challenging days for them financially. In addition to not being able to travel as they usually do, I don’t believe they have medical insurance.

Someone asked them to set up a Paypal account on her blog, which they have done. There may be some who read here that will feel prompted to send money to this very deserving couple. I’m putting a check in the mail today.

Thank you friends for your love and prayers.


My devotional blog is here.

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Extremely Urgent Prayer Request for Bethani Roam

Tonight, I bring a very special need to you. Please, all of you join me in prayer for Bethani Roam who is desperately in need of a touch of God. In my Thanksgiving post I told a little of her story. She is 24 years old, the mother of an 8 month old baby and is the wife of a minister. Last month her liver suddenly and completely shut down, she was flown to U C San Francisco and had a liver transplant. She has been doing extremely well, until a few days ago, when she became unable to keep either food or medication down. Last night she was readmitted to the hospital.

Bethani, Brian and Wyatt Roam

There is only one God, and He is not of a certain denomination. I’m asking every friend and acquaintance I have on this blog to earnestly pray–however you find it comfortable to do so–for Bethani Roam.Thank you.

EDIT from Bethani’s blog

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Hospital Report

Bethani has been resting more and more. She was dehydrated and one of her lungs is two-thirds filled with fluid, but she had no fever. The doctors at this point think the lung fluid will clear by itself. They can drain it if it is needed (God can drain it!) The ultrasound and x-ray on her liver was fine. Fluid is flowing through her liver. Last night she was able to keep her medications in her system. They are trying different meds for the nausea. The doctors want her to eat anything at this point. The more calories the better.

She has been very determined to get better. Even when she was nauseated she would still get up and walk. The doctors very strongly told her she needs to eat more to get more strength.

Bro Bishop is at home with Wyatt. Sis Bishop and Brian are at the hospital with Bethani. Thank you for your prayer for all of them. God’s family is awesome! The support and prayer they are getting is beyond words.   ____________________________________________________________________

My devotional blog is here.