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Today’s Three Unique Women

In the news today are stories of three unique women. Take a look at these interesting people.

The first is Jenna Bush who today at the ranch in Crawford will be married to Henry Hager. The link shows lots of pictures including the caravan of cars traveling to the rehearsal dinner, decorations in the little town, and souvenirs being sold in the shops. I wish this couple a long and happy life together.

EDIT SUNDAY NIGHT: Pictures from the wedding.

  • White House Photo
  • White House Photo
  • White House Photo
  • White House Photo
  • White House Photo
  • White House Photo
  • White House Photo
  • White House Photo
  • White House Photo
  • White House Photo
  • White House Photo
  • May 10: President George W. Bush and Jenna Bush prior to Jenna’s wedding to Henry Hager at Prairie Chapel Ranch in Crawford, Texas.

The second one remembers everything she has done since she was fourteen years old.

Jill Price, 42, can remember every part of her life since she was 14 but considers her ability a curse as she cannot switch off.

She described her life as like a split-screen television, with one side showing what she is doing in the present, and the other showing the memories which she cannot hold back.

Every detail about every day since 1980 – what time she got up, who she met, what she did, even what she ate – is locked in her brain and can be released to come flooding back by common triggers like songs, smells or place names.

From Daily News

The last one, Jenny, is celebrating a significant birthday.

The world’s oldest gorilla celebrated her 55th birthday today with a four-layer frozen fruit cake and banana leaf-wrapped treats.

Jenny’s caretakers at the Dallas Zoo say she’s having a few joint issues and her eyesight isn’t what it used to be but she still looks good for an old ape.

“It’s a special milestone for us,” said Todd Bowsher, curator of the zoo’s Wilds of Africa exhibit. “It signifies that we’ve made great strides in veterinary care, nutrition and animal husbandry.”

From AP News

Three unique women…wish them all well…and you–wish you well also.


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To Speak Against Evil

In a column I wrote a few days I raised the question as to whether those who believe in allowing same sex marriages would also condone the marriage of a father and daughter, and, I further asked, “Why? Why not?” Nearly everyone who has responded to that discussion has expressed disgust and revulsion at the thought of a parent/child relationship, although no one has identified himself as approving same sex marriages.

Over recent days, another story concerning sexual and other abuse has developed. A raid of a polygamist ranch in Eldorado, Texas, and the rescuing of several hundred children and women who were there has gripped the hearts of the world, for now it comes to light that when girls in the compound reached puberty they were then “spiritually” married to much older men. Several of these rescued girls are now found to be pregnant.

ELDORADO, Texas — A polygamist compound with hundreds of children was rife with sexual abuse, child welfare officials allege in court documents, with girls spiritually married to much older men as soon as they reached puberty and boys groomed to perpetuate the cycle.

The documents released Tuesday also gave details about the hushed phone calls that triggered the raid, by a 16-year-old girl at the West Texas ranch who said her 50-year-old husband beat and raped her.

More here.

A reader of my previous column to which I have referred made the following comment that I want to share with you here.

Our revulsion to such things is not merely a matter of Christian faith, but nature itself is opposed to it. I suspect that human frailty is being manipulated by a supernatural evil that brings darkness to the truth. Men and women were made for each other. Their very bodies allow a marital unity that fosters both true fidelity and the fruitfulness of children. Homosexuality feigns the marital act with violence and perversion. Fathers and mothers are to regard their children always as their children, safeguarding their innocence and purity, preparing them to be good and wholesome adults. A true father and mother gain a son or daughter with marriage. They must never allow themselves to think of their children in a sexual way. Our culture is over-sexed. Pornography breaks down the family bonds. Sexuality is reduced to pleasure for its own sake. We worship youth and the body. This graphic sexuality is the root of pederasty, pedophilia and incest. Again, I think the devil has a hand in darkening consciences. A parent should be willing to die to preserve his child’s well being. Incest does incalculable harm and distorts the personality. Nature itself is offended and genetic problems often emerge in the children produced.

These staggering stories scream for us to continue to speak to the evil of the world, and to refuse to be intimidated by those who would say it is none of our business. It is our business. We are our brothers keepers. As I considered this issue, I thought of the following poem:

Martin Niemöller
First they came for the Communists
and I did not speak out–because I was not a Communist.
Then they came for the Social Democrats
and I did not speak out–because I was not a Social Democrat.
Then they came for the trade unionists
and I did not speak out–because I was not a trade unionist.
Then they came for the Jews
and I did not speak out–because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me–
and there was no one left to speak out for me

We must speak out for children, for the abused, for the weak, the fearful and frightened. We must speak against evil and against moral decay. We must speak up for God, for His Word, and for righteousness. For if we do not…finally, there will be no one to speak for us.


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Gulf Coast Ladies Retreat–Afterglow

It was a Sunday evening service never to be forgotten. The retreat had ended early Saturday afternoon, Jerry had preached on Sunday morning, we had eaten lunch, taken naps all around, and now were ready for the culminating service of our trip to Houston, Texas.

Before the preaching began, the highlight of the service for me had been the choir. I don’t know why I was so shocked as they began to sing, for absolutely everything at this magnificent church had been done in an outstanding, superior way. When the choir began singing, though, I was stunned at its beauty. Not only was it obviously done in a spirit of godly worship and adoration, but it was finely and elegantly executed. The second song was my favorite. Although I do not know the name of the song, I had heard it before, and it was simply glorious. At the conclusion of this second song, Pastor Jackson asked them to sing another–which they did.

As is so with most people, music moves me profoundly, so that when I see and listen to a group of talented people who are offering their best in worship to God, I am deeply touched. I was keenly moved by the passionate music of this church.

Jerry preached then, using as the thrust of his message the story of his remarkable recovery from a tragic accident in 1994. A powerful move of God swept the auditorium, and before the doors were closed that night, four people had received the Holy Ghost. Amazingly, included in that number was Louise Neuerburg, who is 96 years old! Her daughter and other relatives and friends were gathered round her as she was born into the kingdom of God. It surely was a memorable night. None of the people at the church had ever seen anyone that old receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

Louise Neuerburg, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.
Prayer and healings were taking place in every part of the auditorium. Yesterday, this comment was posted on one of my columns.
“Sis Buxton,
We were so blessed to hear you at our Gulf Coast Ladies Retreat. We were also able to feed our faith and starve our doubts as Bro Buxton preached to us Sunday morning and evening. I am thrilled to share the following testimony.Our 13 year old son, Zach, broke the humerus in his left arm near the ball and socket joint while playing football last Saturday. In the emergency room, they would not set the bone. A splint was placed on Zach’s arm and we were told he would need to see the Orthopedic Surgeon on Monday. It was discussed with us that Zach may need surgery due to the severity and location of the break.

On Sunday morning, Zach went up for prayer. After service, Bro Buxton encouraged us to talk to Zach and help to build his faith expecting God for a miracle Sunday evening. We had a wonderful worship service and you could feel an expectancy in the atmosphere. Bro Buxton shared his testimony and preached a faith-building message. Zach, along with others, was worshiping around the altar. Bro Buxton came down from the platform stating that he felt the anointing of God. “This boy has a broken bone that needs to be mended.” He then laid hands on Zach to pray for him. Zach enjoyed such a blessing from God.

On the other side of the church, a ninety-six year old lady received the Holy Ghost along with two young people. What a miracle! God is awesome.

Today, we followed the instructions from the emergency room and Zach saw the Orthopedic Surgeon. I brought with us the x-rays from Saturday and asked the doctor to please take new x-rays. After the nurse took those x-rays, she came back for Zach stating that the doctor needed for her to take another x-ray. Afterward, the doctor came into the room and tried to explain. We were told, “The angulation of the break has actually improved from the x-rays taken on Saturday. Zach will not need surgery and pins. In fact he won’t need a cast on that area. His arm is aligned like it needs to be!” Isn’t God awesome! Dr. Franklin said that he would like to put some traction on the arm and fitted a cast on the forearm and over the elbow with a sling around the neck. He would also like to see Zach in 3 weeks! We could hardly contain ourselves!

As we ate dinner tonight Zach shared something else with us. “I don’t know if this has anything to do with it, but when Bro Buxton was preaching last night I felt something move in my arm!” The telephones have been ringing as we give God the glory!”

Sis Michelle Wyant

I lack the words to describe to you the depth of feelings I have for the wonderful weekend we spent in Highlands, Texas. Forever, will I be grateful for these days of refresing fellowship, and for the opportunity to worship with a remarkable group of God’s people.

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Gulf Coast Ladies Retreat–Part 5

Elegant Servers, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.

Scrumptious, nourishing spiritual food was dished up by the speakers of the retreat, including Nita Hodges, Ann Jackson and Brenda Groce. The music led by DeDe Cooley was superb, and the worship was sincere and beautiful.

There was other food also, including Saturday’s lunch when the men barbecued brisket, sausage and chicken, then served in the excellent way you see here…then… did all the clean-up! It was fabulous.

On Friday, Jerry joined 7 or 8 (edit: Jerry corrected me telling me there were 16) other men who went to a restaurant that specializes in serving crawfish, and where 100 pounds of the critters had been ordered for those men to eat. Unbelievable. The red creatures were served in pans that held 10 pounds each, along with boiled corn and potatoes. Jerry took my camera, but his pictures were blurred, so I can’t show you.

I can show you these. Left over from the 100 pounds, a few pounds were taken back to the house where Nita Hodges and Sister Marshall attacked them with gusto. Take a look.

Let me remind you that lovely women who just a while before the moment that I snapped these pictures, were beautifully dressed, and leading in worship at the retreat, are now digging into these mounds of red creatures, and that these crawfish are sprawled out on a dining table of the elegant house I have showed you.
Yep, that’s newspaper you see. That’s how they do it in this part of the country. They spread their beautiful tables with newspaper, sit before these mounds of boiled, clawed creatures, reach in their carefully manicured hands, pull off legs or something, squeeze out the tasty meat, put the refuge aside, and reach for another. In between the biting of the meaty morsels, they gnaw on yellow cobs of corn and wash it down with sweet tea.
Now, believe me, I’m not trying to sound superior or anything like that, but some of you may recall that I had a frightening reaction to eating crab a few months ago, and while crawfish is quite different, I was afraid to chance it. Otherwise, I would have been in there with the best of them, tearing apart those claws, and squeezing out the delectable meat.
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Gulfcoast Ladies Retreat–Part 2

Southwest in clouds, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.

After a rather bumpy, three-hour flight from Houston, a short time ago Jerry and I landed in Phoenix and are waiting for a few minutes to pass which will bring us to the last leg of this great trip. At 11:15 we board another plane for a short hop to Las Vegas, where we will pick up our car and drive the 2 and 1/2 hours to Lake Havasu.

Success! Our book suitcase is empty…well, it’s empty of books…well, it’s empty of my books…but loaded with gifts, including other books. I’ll write more of those later, for I want to show you pictures of one particular item. Our books sales were tremendous at the conference–we sold all we took, and I have orders from ten other people, whose books I will try to ship tomorrow.

The highlight of this conference for me was meeting this delightful couple, Pastor and Mrs. Tom Jackson. She hosted the ladies conference that was sponsored by their church, and Jerry and I stayed in their home. Jerry mentioned as he spoke at the service last night that he feels cheated. Why? Because for all these years, we have not known these exceptional people. Our few days with them was perfect in every way, and I truly believe we have begun a friendship that will last and be a close one for the rest of our lives. Isn’t that the neatest thing…that throughout our lifetimes, at different stages of our lives, we can develop new and enduring relationships. Such is the case, I believe, with Tom and Ann Jackson and Jerry and Shirley Buxton.

Their church seats nearly 500 people and this beautiful stained glass window forms the rear wall of the platform area.


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Gallopping Gratuities

Hey, are any of my friends from Texas reading this?

We’re leaving Lake Havasu before 5:00 tomorrow morning, driving to Las Vegas, then boarding a plane, changing in Albuquerque and winding up in Houston Hobby at 4:30 in the afternoon. Today, I’ve been straightening things around this cluttered motor home, repacking my luggage, watching Jerry deal with his and tucking my speaking notes safely into my computer case. A few minutes ago I sat down to take a short break, and one of the first news items I saw was this startling story: A waitress in TEXAS receives a horse for a tip!

A horse?


“Galloping gratuities,” someone said.

Are they all over the place in Texas handing out horses? Will Jerry and I come home mounted on beautiful steeds, instead of flapping our wings on Southwest? Rather doubt it! Anyway, I thought you needed to hear this delightful story.

By Allan Turner of the Houston Chronicle:

Maybe it was his eyes — deep liquid pools of the inkiest black. Maybe it was his size — towering over his Lilliputian handlers with benign majesty. Maybe it was his breath — voluminous clouds of exhalation sweetly redolent of hay.

Whatever it was, Mailman Express had plenty of it. He was one hunk of horse, and A.D. Carrol loved him for it.

“He’s gorgeous,” Carrol, a diminutive 71-year-old Sugar Land woman, crooned into Mailman’s perked-up ear. Then, turning to her human companions, she added in an undertone, “I told him how beautiful he is. I think he remembers me.”

That was the touching scene Tuesday at the Houston Polo Club as Carrol, on her way to her waitress job at Ouisie’s Table, stopped by to say hello to the thoroughbred bay gelding she received as an eye-popping tip.

“All this started about a week and a half ago when I was waiting tables,” Carrol said. “There were two men drinking coffee and I had to ask them to move to make way for a larger group. One of the men just asked me if I wanted a horse. I said, ‘sure.’ Two days later he came back with the trainer’s phone number and Mailman was mine.”

A short video of the horse and the remainder of the article is here.


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