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Hillary Clinton Speaks at Saddleback

I was interested to read a few hours ago that on Thursday Hillary Clinton was the keynote speaker at Saddleback Church in Irvine, CA. where Rick Warren is the pastor. The occasion was the third annual Global AIDS Summit. It seems a strange mix: a church, a pastor whose teachings include those against abortion and against homosexual activity, and a Presidential candidate who is a strong homosexual rights advocate, and who is pro-abortion.

CLINTON SPEAKS AT AIDS SUMMIT (Picture from Orange County Register)

On more than one occasion, I have discussed with my friends and family just who should stand behind the pulpit of a church. Should those be allowed whose convictions and ethics are diametrically opposed to the pastor’s–the leader of the church? Should all churches be open to politicians so that the congregations would be well informed and thus be more likely to vote? Does the nature of the venue make a difference? Is it an extenuating circumstance that the occasion where Mrs. Clinton spoke was not a regular church service, but was a summit on AIDS?

In the main, I believe the thrust of a church should be that of a spiritual nature. Although I’m quite aware that there may be no two persons who interpret everything in life and in the Bible exactly the same, it seems logical that speakers in a local church would reflect the ethics and ideals of the pastor who is leading the congregation. I find it difficult to understand how Pastor Rick Warren can invite a person into his pulpit who has a philosophy that would allow the sucking out the brains of a fully formed baby in a procedure called “partial birth abortion.” I am puzzled to consider how a pastor could invite a speaker to his church who is an advocate for homosexual rights when he personally considers the Bible to teach against such activities.

If Pastor Warren felt strongly about inviting political candidates to his summit, I believe it would have been better had he selected a municipal building to conduct these meetings. I do commend him for his work on relieving AIDS around the world.

Any thoughts?


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