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Home for Thanksgiving

Welcome Home, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.

We’re home–our home in Crestline. I was excited as a child when around 5:00 last evening we turned onto our cul-de-sac to make our final approach. I was driving and when we were a couple of houses away, I began honking the horn, both to let Ken and Nancy know we had arrived and to shout my own celebration. Our neighbor Ray was in the street, so we stopped and talked a few minutes. Got a big welcome from him, but Ken and Nancy weren’t home to grin with us and laugh and hug. A couple of hours later they returned. Ken called and he and Jerry talked at some length.

The first thing I saw as I entered our living room was this sign stretched across our fireplace mantel: Welcome Home. Immediately I suspected Nathaniel and when I called to inquire and to thank him, he said, “Aw, that’s nothing, Granny.”

But it was something, and it will stay up through the Thanksgiving holiday. Sweet Rebecca had come up and dusted and vacuumed the house, so we’re all set for the celebrations. I will spend the day down the hill shopping; main items on my list are Christmas presents, groceries and a macro-lens for my camera.

Our first Thanksgiving service at Christ Alive was a great success. We had four first-time visitors and we gave away 20 turkeys. One of the rascals now resides in our fridge, doing his thaw and awaiting his brining procedure.

A happy day to all of us as we enter this week of Thanksgiving celebration and festivities. I want to hear from you and of your plans and travels.


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