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Hanging with Teens

I haven’t determined whether we are extra smart, or extra lacking in smarts–Jerry and me–for here in the frisky days of the year 2008, we are ensconced in the towers of the Radisson in Tucson. Asleep in their beds (presumably, and hopefully!) in the adjoining room to ours are a couple of teen-aged girls that we brought yesterday from Lake Havasu to a youth conference here at Paul Conner’s church. (a seven hour trip!) Tell me–what are we doing? We’re not exactly of the age to be zipping around with young people, hanging out at youth conferences, and discussing late night “lock-ins.”

What we’re doing is making a stab at linking a couple of sweet girls to a vibrant crowd of enthusiastic young people who have decided to follow Jesus. We ‘re intent on enticing them to the Good Life by giving them a long look at the joy and beauty that emanates from several hundred young people who have dedicated their lives to righteous and godly principles.

We could do with a little extra prayer the next couple of days–Jerry and I. 🙂


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