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Lines and Angles of Tucson

Tagging along with Jerry at a church business conference here in Tucson, I admired the lines and angles of our hotel, and once, between sessions,  as he napped, I wandered about taking pictures.


I can’t think of a way to take pictures of such places as these without gawking, and a fair amount of neck craning,  and when I do so, I probably appear less than urbane and sophisticated; more likely I assume the appearance of a small town Missouri girl turned woman gone to the big city.

The mountains ringing Tucson and the flora and fauna of the region are magnificent, speaking to the creative thrust of Almighty God. Architecture and design such as demonstrated in this Hilton Hotel in east Tucson speak to the genius and gifts of mortal man.

And I? A recipient of both giftings as I wander about, staring at the play of light and shadow on the lines and angles of Tucson.