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Hotel Bob Allen and Company

When Jerry called Pastor Bob Allen, secretary of the Arizona UPCI district, last week to inquire about hotels for the Arizona On Fire camp meeting we would be attending, Brother Allen said, “Why don’t you stay with us in our home?” Such a gracious invitation, with the added order that yes, they would be preparing dinner for us, led to our arriving here in the early evening yesterday. We had left Crestline at 9:15 . . . long ways over here to Tucson. Chloe is with us, and when we arrived, these precious people greeted us enthusiastically, and the dining room table was set like this.

untitled (1 of 9). . .and then we gathered around and were treated to a luscious meal.

untitled (2 of 9)Adorable grandson Silas is the star of the place, wearing both a cowboy hat and boots, and with a green pacific securely clamped in his mouth. Sister Allen’s father sat at the head of the table.

untitled (3 of 9)The rooms where we would stay made us feel as though we were in a 5 star hotel. Both Chloe’s room and ours were outfitted with generous hospitality baskets and every amenity we could wish.

untitled (9 of 9)In preparing a hostess gift for Sister Allen, I had made the great sacrifice of picking off the ground pine cones and acorns. 🙂 Well, I did put them in a pretty glass container, and I did give her my finest acorns; the fattest, biggest specimens, including one with a double topknot on his hat, and the other with a feather in his hat.

untitled (4 of 9)Gracious Sister Allen exclaimed over the little things I had prepared for her (turned out we were trading food items!) and she loved the acorns. I was so relieved at that, because although I think the acorns are adorable, I did have the thought cross my mind that she might think: “Acorns, why did she bring me acorns?” 🙂

But she loved them–I could tell she really did–and she spread them out along with her own fall decorations and with the pumpkin cups I had given her.

untitled (6 of 9)untitled (7 of 9)Once more, I am reminded of my splendid abundant life, into which, over the years, have come remarkable, wonderful, loyal friends. How rich am I.

Brother Allen has jury duty today, so we’re all on hold until this afternoon when we will take the Allens out to dinner. Opening service of the camp is at the Conner’s church tonight. In the meantime, I’ve located a State Park just 15 minutes away from here. Think I’ll chug over there and snap a few pictures.

Cheers……have a great day!

Arizona Art/Architecture Photography Road Trip Journal


Summer road trip. Day 12 Monday June 13, 2011

They weigh as much as five tons. Filled with water, giant saguaros embellish the desert area here around Tucson, standing as giants with upraised arms. We had Monday free to do some sightseeing, and after asking the Allens for recommendations, we pointed our Jeep west down Speedway, traveling several miles into the open desert area. We drove as far as the Saguaro National Park visitor center, where we spent quite a lengthy time observing the displays, watching a film about the area, and walking the trails that were close to the great building that housed the visitor center.

It was early afternoon when we arrived, and I had worried about the flat midday light hindering my photography, but it really worked out quite well. I was fascinated by the lines and shadows created by the splendid architecture. Once as I walked on the outside plaza, something skittered quickly in front of me, and when I looked at the edge of the cement, I saw a light-colored lizard. He was of a cooperative nature, who stayed in place for several minutes: I think he was posing. 🙂

Many birds flew about, lighting frequently atop the massive cacti. Many of these saguaros are hundreds of years old; a two-feet sized one being around 30 years old.

In the evening, at the Claim Jumper, we had our last meal with the Allens. These are absolutely precious people. Their two children are wonderful, completely immersed in the work of God. We said our good-byes on the parking lot before heading back to our rig at the church. On Tuesday morning, we would head down to Sierra Vista.

In the distance can be seen Tucson, a beautiful city of more than one million.