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. . . in the nighttime

The last time I had looked at it–in the evening before we closed up the house–it was a tightly closed zucchini blossom. I was stunned the next morning, for when doing a preliminary check of our garden by leaning over the deck bannister, I saw a fully developed yellow flower. During the night, it had bloomed.

Something had worked on that plant in those dark hours. A maturity had developed. Something nudged the blossom into opening up, into un-fisting and revealing itself. So instead of tight, curled-up formations now was a rich, deep flower, its beautiful yellow face and throat open to the air and to the sunshine.

Immediately I thought of us, I thought of you and me. Often we find ourselves in midnight situations, tense, closed up, lacking the light, our faces turned from the sunshine. But during those times, if we are wise, we will let God mature us, let Him perfect us so that when daylight finally comes, all will know that we have been transformed into the beautiful creation God intended.


I suspect that many of you will relate to this. I’d love you to leave a comment.