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Red Robin Restaurants, TV Sets, and Beauty

Yesterday, Jerry and I traveled to Safford, AZ, and for lunch stopped at a Red Robin in Mesa, AZ. It wasn’t a first visit to Red Robin, although it was our first time to be in this particular one. But it was a first for other reasons; a television set was in the men’s restroom, and an embedded television set was in the floor of the entrance. I didn’t notice one in the ladies room, but maybe one was there and just was not turned on. We’ll be going back that way on Monday, and if we have time, I’d like to stop in and take a shot of those strangely placed television sets. (Well, I won’t go in the men’s room, and I doubt if I can talk Jerry into taking a picture in there!)

Downright strange. As we left the facility after a delicious lunch, Tiger Woods was saying his apology from the entrance floor of the Red Robin in Mesa, AZ.

It wasn’t strange outside, though. The setting was beautiful, boasting a sunny day with temperature in the high 60s. The landscaping was splendid; beautiful shadows and tracery on the walls.

Well, if you’re hankering to watch a television program in the floor, stop in at the Red Robin in Mesa. Might as well have a hamburger while you’re there.