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Third Day of Ten

During these ten days that five of our grandchildren will be with us, Jerry has decided to conduct a simple devotion with them every morning. He has chosen to read one of the Proverbs–this morning, the 14th, in conjunction with today’s date. “Be honest. Don’t lie,” was one of the admonitions there. Jerry emphasized it a little as they listened carefully.


Then after Pappy asked them, both Cole and Brady named a few things they are thankful for today.

The girls were quiet this morning.

It’s a little after noon now, and they’re all out running around with Pappy, except for four-year-old Ella who is home with me. With Pappy, they’re cashing in bottles and cans, buying bird feed, going to the bank, then up to the dump.

The dump? you ask. Yep, up here in the mountains at the dump is a thrift store, where instead of throwing many things away, people take them to the thrift store. It’s a big warehouse kind of building, and the youngsters always want to go to the dump when they come to visit Granny and Pappy!