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Grandkids Week Day 7

Important Announcement

TENT REVIVAL today between 2:00 and 3:00 o’clock.

Public is invited.


Because of some traveling challenges, it happened that instead of Andrew and Shawnna returning here last night as had been originally planned, they will come in tonight after Andrew preaches in Desert Hot Springs. So here we are, Rebecca and I and six grand youngins’ for one more day.

Jerry left about 10:00 yesterday for Lake Havasu, for of course we had church there today. We really had no way to get to church here in Crestline for Rebecca’s car is much too small for all of us.

Yesterday, our neighbor Mary had a garage sale, and during one of the breaks of fine weather, I let the older ones go over and “shop.” Nathaniel came back with this tent that Mary had given him.
“Mom, may we set up the tent in the garage?” Nathaniel asked this morning.
“Why?” I whispered in Rebecca’s ear when no one was watching…and then
I overruled her. “It won’t hurt a thing for them to do that.”
“Yes, Nathaniel, you may set up the tent in the garage”
…then someone said, “We can have a tent revival.” For we had planned to have some kind of little service seeing it was Sunday morning and we couldn’t get anywhere else.
We didn’t get started until after 3:00 and it was sort of a progressive church service, as we gathered for the first segment in our basement where there is an old small Hammond organ.

Song Service in the Basement

In honor of Memorial Day we sang God Bless America, followed by Send it On Down, then Jesus Loves Me. At the conclusion of the song service, we moved into the tent, where Aunt Becky, who was the MC, welcomed everybody.
Chloe taught a very good lesson on Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden.
I was very surprised when we were arranging the service that Brady volunteered to preach. When he was called, he walked right up and told a story about George somebody. We couldn’t help ourselves–we were all rolling in laughter–that is until he sweetly ended his message with the words, “and then they nailed Jesus all over and on His head.”
Gentry gave the first testimony, and several of us added our own.
Aunt Becky and Ella worship enthusiastically.
Nathaniel brought a challenging sermon on The End, encouraging all of us to be prepared for the end of our lives when we will have to meet God.
…and Aunt Becky had all join hands in benediction.
9:00 Sunday evening
The tent has been disassembled, dinner has been eaten and Ella Claire, Cole and Brady are asleep. We’ve made a cleaning sweep through the house, the suitcases are almost packed, we’re trying to make all the socks match, and the final load of laundry is chugging at this moment. Andrew and Shawnna should be here by midnight.
“Want to stay up until your folks get here?” I asked a few minutes ago.
“Yes, please, Granny.”
So here we are, still tearing around, lots of life yet. Me? I’m on my way to a long hot bath. Well, maybe, just maybe, I’ll stay up long enough to say Hi! to Andrew and Shawnna…that is if they don’t wait too long to get here. 🙂