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Tempe Camera, Ross Store, and Enchiladas

Summer road trip. Day 8, June 9, 2011

After a light breakfast, I took the car and drove less than a mile away to a neighborhood mall where, earlier, I had spied a Ross store. I spent quite a bit of time there trying on dresses (none of which I bought) and buying a couple of things for Mildred’s birthday. She is Jerry’s oldest sister, who is turning 90 in July, and to whose party in the state of Louisiana we are headed. I had planned to also go to Target, which is in the same area, but while I was in Ross’s, Sister Hogan called.

“Will you be back at the motor home within an hour? I’ve made enchiladas and want to bring them over for lunch.”

So, I nixed the Target plan and went back to the church where our motor home is. Sister Hogan served the lunch in their beautiful conference room: Spanish rice and delicious enchiladas. For dessert, she had brought a pumpkin spice cake, and from a freezer near by, she pulled out a carton of vanilla ice cream. It was a treat.

Our air conditioning problem turned out to be more than just needing freon; seems the compressor needed to be replaced. We’re still here in Phoenix waiting for parts and repairs. Precious Brother Davenport has helped us out tremendously. Looks like we won’t be heading to Tucson until Saturday morning because of this little problem.

After lunch we drove to Tempe to pick up my camera where I had left it yesterday to have dust removed from its sensor.