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Jerry’s Unbelievably Tough Verizon Samsung

I sprayed laundry spotter on the trousers, threw them into the washer, and ran it full of cold water. The next morning, I spun that water off, and at the end of that cycle removed Jerry’s trousers. There in the bottom of the washer was his phone, Verizon Samsung old school flip top. It had soaked all night in water, and now I had just spun it dry.

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From what I hear, Jerry is unusual in that he does not leave anything in the pockets of his clothes that need to be laundered. I never check his pockets. Mine? Those I always check, for I’m bad about leaving things in them. But he failed this one time, and now I had no doubt ruined his phone.

“Well, we’ll take the battery out,” Jerry untitled (3 of 8)said when I showed him the dripping phone, “and place the battery and the phone over the furnace vent.” We did that, then I recalled reading of placing water-besotted items in a untitled (1 of 8)bag of rice, so I dragged out a sack of rice and immersed the phone into its depths.

The next day, Jerry reassembled the phone, switched it on, and voila! the word VERIZON spread its beautiful self across the little screen. For a few days, water drops appeared under the glass, but finally they disappeared, and from the time that little Verizon baby has been turned back on, until this very moment, it works perfectly! Kudos to Verizon, to Samsung, and to all things old and tough.

untitled (7 of 8)Somewhere in a drawer in this house is a smart phone–a Blackberry. Jerry had quite an experience with it which I post about here. The original post of Jerry and the Blackberry has received more than 80,000 hits. You’ll probably want to take a look. 🙂  I also have written about changes in telephone services since I was a child here and in this one titled Number Please. You might get a kick out of them.

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Two Images for Today–One Sad, One Funny

Backpack shield

At backpackshield they sell a particular backpack so that you won’t have to worry about your kids at school. Unbelievably sad that the need for such an item would even be contemplated.

Ipod & toilet roll holder

At you will find this absolutely indispensable item. Sometime back I wrote of the of the role of the telephone in society as having changed drastically since my childhood years –from one simple black instrument, to today, when almost every American family has phones scattered everywhere. In this post, I mentioned my friends who have a phone in their bathroom, and of my being surprised when I visited the place. Now here’s a lovely place for your Ipod.

I’m doing my bit for the economy today. Surely you’ll want to order one of these items.


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