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Robert Heredia, A Teacher Who Has My Heart

DSC_0110“What’s your favorite subject in school?” I asked Chloe during the time she was with us.

“Science, Granny,” she told me.

On last Friday when we met Andrew and his family in Yuma, her mother handed Chloe a letter, which after she had read, was passed around the table. After I read the amazing letter, I propped it against something and took this picture, for instantly on reading it, I knew I would write about it here on my blog.

In a world gone crazy, in a world where public schools are often looked on with disdain ( many times, deservedly so), in a world where classrooms are too often a buzz of disorganization, in a world where teachers are verbally abused and where their hands are too often “tied,” in a world where teachers’ salaries are laughable (but where athletes make millions and rock stars rake it in by the bushel loads), in a world where high school graduates can’t identify their own continent or name the president and the vice-president…rises a shinning star named Robert Heredia…No wonder Chloe said to me, “My favorite subject is science, Granny.”  And then she added, “Mr. Heredia is my ‘most favorite’ teacher.” Easy to see why after reading this remarkable letter.

In a heart-tugging way Mr. Heredia goes on in the letter to challenge Chloe (and her classmates) to finish high school. He will be writing them twice a year–once around Christmas, and once in the Spring time. Do they need to talk to someone? He gives his telephone number and his email address.

“Why do you think I am doing this? Are they going to pay me to help you? The reason why I am doing this is because I choose to. Helping you and your other 107 classmates is something I choose to do.”

“What am I going to be doing you may wonder. I am going to University of California San Diego to get my PhD in chemistry. I will then become Dr. Robert Heredia. 🙂 It will take about four years. I have a dream of going to your high school graduation and inviting you to my PhD graduation at UCSD.”

I pay tribute today to Mr. Robert Heredia and to the many other teachers in our public (and private) schools who have a heart for the children of our world. Thank you, Mr. Heredia. Thank you for your contribution to our society, for your obvious concern for the children of San Diego. Thank you for loving my beautiful Chloe, and for being “her most favorite teacher.”

I hope to meet you when Chloe graduates from high school. Perhaps I can sneak in when you receive your doctorate at UCSD.  I would be honored to sit in the audience with Chloe’s family, and you may be sure we will be cheering.

EDIT: I have submitted this article to DIGG. Please go over and vote; Mr. Heredia needs to be honored.