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To Write

I believe it was in Austria that I bought this small piece of Swarovski crystal, and because I am a writer, its significance–its symbolism, if you will–attracted me. For thousands of years quill-pens and ink were used by those who would set down their thoughts or who would write descriptions of their lives and of their being. It is interesting to contemplate that only late in the 19th century were writers able to lay aside such primitive instruments. Shakespeare, the writers of the Bible, and even Thomas Jefferson used quill-pen and ink to scribe their work.

Such creation was careful and deliberate, carrying weight and consequence, signifying thought and contemplation. Today, (as I do at this moment) we easily dash off strings of words, sometimes with less than thoughtful reflection.

During this season in which we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, in which many of us pick up pens and write a few words in the Christmas cards we will mail to family and friends, let us think deeply. May we choose carefully our words, and with our finest pen, or cheapest ballpoint, or by strokes on a keyboard tell those we love that indeed we do.

A blessed and merry Christmas to all.


Note: An interesting video from Swarovski is here.