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Junior Joins in Search for Elusive Lions

It is a shame.

I have the sweetest brother in the world, but since we have been grown, we have never lived close to each other: Completely across the country were our homes; his in the East, mine in the West. We both led busy lives, and we let years go by without visiting as we should have. It is a shame.

Now, he is living in South America. He had already retired, but after the death of his beloved wife, he was persuaded to spent an extended time there to oversee the use of a unique conveyor belt used in mining–an important apparatus that he invented. I told you earlier he is sweet; now I tell you he is smart. If I can round up a picture, you will see he is handsome.

Last week in a post about books, I referenced my remembering the library in my hometown of Springfield, Mo. has having stone lions near the entry of the building, but that someone had told me the library never had any lions. Well, my brother, from far-away South America, has joined in the search for the elusive lions. (Told you he was sweet.) A couple of days ago, I received these emails from him.

From:     fforrest@

Subject:     FW: Library Lions

Date: April 23, 2009 12:40:29 PM GMT-07:00

To:     shirleybuxton@

Cc:     fforrest@

Dear Sister, I have been searching the Net in hopes of finding those “elusive Lions” in our home town.  I remember seeing some lions somewhere, but just can`t seem to be able to remember where.  I don`t remember a lot from that time era, but I do remember seeing Lions at some public place. I was impressed with these beast. Any way I have attached this email to you to make sure this was the Library that we used to go to. Say hello to all family and please keep writing. I visit your blog almost every day. Love, Jr.

From: (tlc) Michael Glenn []

Sent: Jueves, 23 de Abril de 2009 14:52

To: fforrest@

Subject: Library Lions

Dear Mr. Forrest: Your question about statues of lions on the front steps of the original Main Library in Springfield, MO was forwarded to us. We check photos of the library from different periods and there are no statues or carvings of lions on or near the stairs. The stone steps wer originally unadorned, later a stair rail and light two light standards were added.  Two different styles of cast iron light posts are evident.  Intioally , afixture toped with three glass globes.  Later this was replaced with fixtures featuring a single  light housing. For online images go to The best known “library lions” and oftened pictured are at the entrance of the New York(City) Public Library. We hope this information is of value to you

Michael glenn Local History Librarian Springfield Greene County Library


You know what: I’m beginning to think there were never any lions at our library in Springfield. Strange. I remember them being there. Note that Junior remembers seeing them too….I wonder…do stone lions ever spring to life and run away?