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Truly This is Called Friendship

In my ladies Bible study here at DJs yesterday, I taught a lesson on friendship, using pertinent scriptures and some of my life experiences to press home the lesson. At that time I didn’t have such a good example as I found when reading on the internet this morning. The following story is exceptional: a Starbuck’s clerk will be donating a kidney to one of her regular customers.

TACOMA, Wash. — Annamarie Ausnes is known for holding up the line at her favorite Starbucks here, carefully counting out her coins to pay for her “short drip, double-cupped” daily jolt. Over the years, Sandie Andersen, a friendly barista behind the counter, might have rolled her eyes once or twice but she has also taken these morning moments to make conversation, to make friends.

Stuart Isett for The New York Times

Annamarie Ausnes, left, will receive a kidney from Sandie Andersen, who works at the Starbucks coffee shop that Ms. Ausnes frequents.

Grandchildren? A favorite topic. That tan Ms. Ausnes brought in one day? A vacation souvenir. And then there was the small talk that day last fall.

“She reached over the counter and said, ‘I’m a blood match,’ ” Ms. Ausnes said last week, recalling the conversation.

Ms. Andersen said, “We both stood there and bawled.”

The complete New York Times story is here.

I have great admiration for people such as Sandie Anderson who truly has a heart full of love, and whose generosity and true caring extends far beyond that of many people. I wish success in the surgeries and long life for both Sandie and Annamarie.


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