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With a Broken Leg, She Crawls Over the Finish Line

Claire Markwardt is my kind of woman, full of stamina, passion,  and (excuse me, please) just plain guts! During a race, she broke her leg, fell to the ground, tried to stand up, fell again, and full of grit, passion and gumption crawled over the finish line.

The full story and a video of her crossing the finish line here.

It was as she was running the last cross country race of her high school career that, mid-race, she broke her leg.

“I was fine until about 200 meters away and then it started to hurt and then it cracked a couple times,” Markwardt said.  She tried to get up, but her leg broke again.

“I knew I really couldn’t stay there and I didn’t wanna let my team down and I had gone that far, so there wasn’t really a point in laying there,” the senior at Berkshire High School told the station.

My kind of woman! You go, Claire.


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