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The Mystery of Sleep

I’ve thought about it frequently. What happens? Where do we go? What are we doing?

Some people do it a lot; others a little, but everyone does it. Sleep. We all sleep. But what is sleep?

I’ve never slept a lot, and when I was in Bible school, I was selected to go from room to room in the dormitory to wake the girls every morning. I wasn’t always popular as you can well imagine.

In my childhood, I walked in my sleep, strolled around the house, and checked out things. Sometimes I would wake up, feel a little silly and find my way back to bed. Never went out of the house, or anything like that. Funny thing is the second night Jerry and I were married, I climbed out of bed and sauntered around a bit.

Jerry saw me. “Shirley, come over here and sit down.” He patted the side of the bed. I obediently walked where he indicated and sat down on the edge of the bed.

“Hmm…what’s this I married?” I believe he muttered.

I also talked in my sleep when I was young, but I have lost both skills–I no longer walk or talk in my sleep. But I’ve taken up another habit so that I’m not totally bored when I sleep: I snore. Well, at least that’s what Jerry says, but I’m not sure I can always believe him on that subject. 🙂 One more thing you need to know. I taught my children to walk and talk in their sleep. Not all of them and I’m not sure any one was as skilled in this field as I. One of the boys–can’t remember which one–walked one night to the kitchen, obviously asleep, and lifted the lid to the wastebasket, apparently thinking he was in the bathroom.

So, with such a background, I was intrigued this morning to find this study. Take a look.

(CBS) Human beings spend on average one third of their lives asleep. We know we need to sleep but most of us have never really given a whole lot of thought to why.

Why do we spend seven or eight hours a night immobile and unconscious? What really happens inside our brains and bodies while we’re sleeping?

We’ve known the purpose of our other biological drives for hundreds of years: we eat to give our bodies energy, we drink to keep hydrated, we procreate to perpetuate the species – among other things. But what is the biological purpose of sleep?

The entire extremely interesting article is here.

Any of you walk or talk in your sleep? Snore?


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