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Last Day in Sierra Vista

Summer road trip. Day 16, Friday June 17, 2011

Had to happen on this road trip–it will be more than once, actually: Laundromat morning. 😦  I don’t know why I have such an aversion to laundromats; it’s really quite unreasonable. For I can gather up a two-week accumulation of dirtied clothes, stuff them into machines, push in a few quarters along with appropriate dollops of detergent, and in about 30 minutes our clothes are clean. Pitch them into those huge dryers, insert more quarters, and in 15 minutes the light weight ones are ready for folding. In little more than an hour, our laundry is finished. Quite efficient. Just can’t figure out why I dislike doing it that way. In my home, I rather enjoy doing laundry…and it takes a much longer period of time than does a visit to the local laundromat.

Anyway, Friday morning found Jerry and me at such a place in Sierra Vista, and as I waited for the machines to do their magic, I heard a siren that sounded differently from the others, that, because of the fires, we had been hearing often. Closer came its sound, then an ambulance pulled into the parking lot of the strip mall where we were, followed by this large fire truck. Probably 10 minutes later, the sirens sounded again, and the ambulance headed for the hospital. Life goes on, doesn’t it? Regular life–heart attacks, panic attacks, an impending birth, accidents. Not all the emergency vehicles are in place at the site of the raging fires; others are on standby here in the town. Ready to deal with the ordinary–the ordinary life that midst its joy and celebrations, mingle in a bit of the wretched, the fear, the pain.

Once again we went to the beautiful library where we checked our email, and I loaded pictures onto Flickr and updated my blogs. Near the entry way is a magnificent sculpture; I photographed part of it that depicts two small children reading books…once upon a time…is chiseled into a page of their book.

One last meal with the O’Bryans who have been the epitome of graciousness. Their daughter, son-in-law, and Brother O’Bryan’s parents joined us, and finally someone said, “They’ll be charging us rent if we stay here much longer.” So we rose from the table, leaving behind tasty morsels that testified to the excellence of the meal. We said our final good-byes.

Jerry had our rig ready. Saturday morning, he would disconnect our electricity, connect our Jeep to the motor home, and we would be off once more.

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Fires in Sierra Vista

Summer road trip. Day 14 Wednesday, June 15

The smoky skies caught our attention as we drove into Sierra Vista on Tuesday. This morning we had errands to run, so we drove closer to the area where the fires are raging. They are worse today, with more persons being evacuated in the canyon areas surrounding the city. We haven’t heard whether this has included any people from the church here in Sierra Vista.

I’m posting from this beautiful library.